Release Notes
  • 31 Aug 2023
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Release Notes

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Package v1.23

Released 22 August 2023


  • Plaid users can now add a customer’s name and email to the Bank section of the PayLink form.

Bug Fixes

  • An error was resolved that occurred when using and PayLink which caused the Bank Account Type selector to appear inactive when a user tried to make an ACH payment.
  • After completing an ACH Transaction using a Stripe Payment Gateway via PayLink, the micro-deposit prompt will no longer be visible since Stripe waives micro-deposits.
  • Additional updates have been made to prevent the micro-deposit message from appearing when Stripe has waived the micro-deposit requirement, the Skip ACH Validation custom setting is enabled, and a Transaction with an ACH Payment Method is being processed via PayLink.
  • When a Stripe Payment Gateway that was set up with Plaid is used to complete a Transaction via PayLink, the Customer Name & Email will be captured correctly, populated on the Payment Gateway Customer record, and sent to Stripe.

Package v1.21

Released 26 May 2021

  • Added the value "Stripe Checkout" to the field Accepted Payment Methods on the Paylink Configuration object.

Package v1.20

Released 9 Feb 2021

  • Updated verbiage and spacing in the PayLink Setup Wizard.

Package v1.19

Released 11 Nov 2020

  • Added error handling to triggers.
  • Updated redirect URLs.
  • Added dependency on Payments v5.6.

Package v1.17

Released 3 Sep 2020

  • No code change, just modified the dependency on Payments to support version 4.170 and above.

Package v1.16

Released 7 Nov 2019

  • Deprecated and deleted the Transaction__c.PayLink_Payment_Methods__c field.

Package v1.15

Released 4 Oct 2019

  • Fixed a broken link to our documentation in the PayLink setup wizard.

Package v1.14

Released 17 Sep 2019

  • Added the ability to override the Amount DueDue Date, and Requested By labels.

Package v1.13

Released 4 Jun 2019

  • Added Support for

Package v1.12

Released 21 May 2019

  • Added a new field to the PayLink Configuration called Terms and Conditions which can be used to render hyperlinked legal verbiage on the ACH checkout.

Package v1.11

Released 17 Apr 2019

  • Added a Next PayLink URL to the Payment Schedule object and rollup logic.

Package v1.10

Released 11 Feb 2019

  • Added support for Custom Settings.

Package v1.9

Released 25 Oct 2018

  • Added Paylink Payment Method on the Transaction object.
  • Added a link to documentation in the Payments Setup Wizard.
  • Improved PayLink security.