Pay Later

Allow users a Pay Later option during checkout. This option will allow you to bill your attendees at a later date. Use our Invoice object and DocumentLink feature to request payment.

Pay Later

Add "Pay Later" to the Enabled Payment Methods field to enable this feature on the event settings object record.


Not seeing the Enabled Payment Methods field on Event Settings? Navigate to the Blackthorn | Events (Admin) > Blackthorn | Events Admin tab, select Metadata Updates and click "Updgrade Events Layouts"

Once added, users will see a Pay Later checkbox on the checkout page.

Users won't be required to pay if they check the Pay Later checkbox. This will hide the "Pay with credit/debit card" option.

Selecting Pay Later will create an invoice, and email it to your customers.

Using DocumentLink to request payment

If you would like to use our Invoice object with DocumentLink to request payment, there are a few steps that need to be completed.

Please follow these set up instructions.

Customize the "Pay Later" text

If you would like to change the name of the "Pay Later" label, you can change it by setting the Pay Later Label on the Event setting.

After changing the label by updating Pay Later Label on the Event Setting, you can navigate to an event checkout to see the results.
For example: the label has been updated to "Invoice me later".

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