2.64 and older release notes

We update our Events package often with new features and bug fixes. You can always get the latest stable version of the Events package from the AppExchange.


Post upgrade...

Once you upgrade to the latest version, navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab, Upgrade, and click upgrade next to the Payments and Events page layouts.

Version 2.64

:thumbsup: Upgrade Instructions :thumbsup:

:new: New Features :new:

:small-blue-diamond: :diamond-shape: Upcoming features :diamond-shape: :small-blue-diamond:

Fields are in Salesforce, but the logic and customer-facing UI is coming soon.

:high-brightness: Enhancements :high-brightness: :sunglasses:

:fireworks: Event Page Updates :fireworks: LIVE

  • Overview Pricing - New section which shows the price summary of all the "Main Event Tickets".

  • Events will show the status Active/Ended as per the time and timezone defined on the "Event". For Example: if the timezone is specified as EST and Event end time is 06:00 pm, the event will show as 'Event Ended' at 06:00 PM EST.

  • Postal code is required on the checkout when the country is selected as the United States, Canada or United Kingdom.

  • No more GIF on the 'Confirmation Page'. We are now using a static image. White image will be replacing the confetti soon.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  • Users that don't have access to Blackthorn | Events can now save Campaign Members without any errors.

  • If your tickets don't have a defined Quantity Available, the Event's Total Capacity will remain blank (null) instead of 0.

:eyeglasses: Known Bugs :eyes:

  • When you create an Event and define the Total Capacity and then add a related Event Item where Quantity Available is blank, the Total Capacity value is erased. To Fix: Navigate back to the Event record and redefine the Total Capacity.

  • If Quantity Remaining is blank on your tickets, there is a possibility for attendees to overbook. The Remaining Capacity on the event does not get considered when adding tickets to your checkout.
    For example, if the remaining capacity is 2, a person can add more than 2 tickets to their checkout. To Fix: update your event items to have a defined Quantity Available. This will prevent attendees from overbooking.

Version 2.54

July 30th, 2019
:thumbsup: Upgrade Instructions :thumbsup:

:new: New Features :new:

:high-brightness: Enhancements :high-brightness: :sunglasses:

:small-blue-diamond: :diamond-shape: Upcoming features :diamond-shape: :small-blue-diamond:

Fields are in Salesforce, but the logic and customer-facing UI is coming soon.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  • Attendees relate to their own Event Item Purchase record for a multi attendee checkout.

  • The duration of Recurring Events are calculated by the Start and End Date fields and the subsequent events are also created with the same duration.

  • The 'Room Nights Available' on the hotel room block object will now automatically calculate.

  • When defining the time zone on a Recurring Event, the subsequent events have the same time zone.

  • There is no longer a dependency with a default Event Group and unrelated events.

  • The Phone field is now optional for waitlisting.

  • Countries selected in the 'Blacklisted Countries' on the Event Settings are now hidden.

  • Opportunity creation from an event checkout now requires success and open names defined on the event setting.

  • An active ticket now has the correct status: Registration active (Public).

  • Event will now show as Active/Ended as per time and timezone defined on the event.

Known bugs that will be fixed in the next release

  1. When creating a new Event Group, the URL breaks. Please include the Key field to the Event Group page layout and then set the Salesforce Event Group ID in that field.


If the Event Group is not updated with the Salesforce ID, the individual Event links will not work.

:calling: Front-End Changes :camera: :computer:

  • Brought back the address fields to the checkout page for free events.
    The address fields can be hidden with a new field on the Event Settings object.
  • Embedded Google Map - The map icon will now open google maps for quick directions.
  • Renamed the checkout "Billing Information" to "Contact Information"

Version 2.33

:thumbsup: Upgrade Instructions :thumbsup:

  1. Upgrade your Payments and Events apps.

  2. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab | Click on the "Metadata Updates" tab | Upgrade the Payments and Events Page Layouts


Dietary Preference

On Wednesday, April 24th we will enable the Dietary Preference field on the Event Item. If you have a custom question that writes to the Dietary Preference field on the Attendee object, please remove that question before using the standard field. For more information click, here

:sunflower: Page Layouts to Update :sunflower:

  1. Object: Event Group
  • Add the Event Group URL field
  1. Object: Event
  • Add the Event Group lookup field
  1. Object: Session Speaker
  • Remove the page layout requirement on the Event field and then remove the field from the page. There is a process that will automatically define the Speakers related Event from the Session.

:high-brightness: Enhancements :high-brightness: :sunglasses:

  • Lead and Contact Matching Logic Activate the standard Lead rule for duplicate Contacts and the standard Contact rule for duplicate Leads.

  • Custom "Clone" button Clone the form (custom question) record with related form elements in lightning.

  • Attendee to Lead Mapping The Attendee Company Name maps to the Lead Company.

  • Session Speaker The Speaker's related Event will be defined automatically through the Session.

  • DocumentLink Template Define the DocumentLink Template field on the Sales Document and the content fields will be added automatically.

:new: New Features :new:

:small-blue-diamond: :diamond-shape: Upcoming features :diamond-shape: :small-blue-diamond:
Fields are in Salesforce, but the logic and customer-facing UI is coming soon.

  • Attendee Address Fields Capture the attendee's address during checkout.

  • Dietary Preference will be available on the attendee form on April 24th. You can make this field optional, required or hidden.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  • Transaction Payment Status The Payment Status is no longer switching back and forth for captures and refunds.

  • Transaction Status The Transaction Status is no longer switching back and forth causing multiple transaction receipt emails to be sent.

  • Room Nights Claimed The Hotel Room Block record summarizes the Number of Room Nights from all related Hotel Booking records.

  • Event Discount Discounts defined for a specific event are no longer working for other unrelated events.

  • DocumentLink Orders and Invoices are now visible through the DocumentLink without error.

  • Attendee List Attendees are now listed by their last name, alphabetically.

Known bugs that will be fixed in the next release

  1. On the hotel booking record, the number of nights should be calculated by dates and the total amount should be the # of nights X the room amount from the related hotel room block.

  2. When partially refunding a Transaction that is 2x less than the original amount and then you update the Refunded Transaction's description, a call out to Stripe will be made to partially refund the amount again. <- This will be fixed next week

Version 2.29

:apple: Upgrade Instructions :apple:

  1. Upgrade your Payments and Events apps.

  2. Navigate to the Payments (Admin) App | Click on the Blackthorn | Payments Settings | Click on the "Add Picklist Values" button.
    We added a new picklist value to the Source field on Transactions.

  3. Navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin (now fixed!) tab | Click on the "Metadata Updates" tab | Upgrade the Payments and Events Page Layouts

:high-brightness: Enhancements :high-brightness: :sunglasses:

:new: Upcoming features :new:
Fields are in Salesforce, but the logic and customer-facing UI is coming soon.

  • Session Content (Rich Text). This field provides your attendee content about the session they registered for through their AttendeeLink.

  • Lock Session Registration Status. If the status is Yes, the Attendee will not be able to unregister from the session.

  • Event Background Color. You will be able to define a Hex code for the Event's background color. :smile-cat:

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  • Converting a Lead to a Contact: Non-event Salesforce users would receive a field level permission error. This has now been fixed. Go forth and convert those Leads! :smiley-cat:

  • Duplicate Contact Creation for our NPSP customers. There was an issue where attendees were not relating to existing contacts, but instead, creating new contacts and accounts. This has now been fixed.

  • Remaining Seats for Sessions was not updating based on the formula: Maximum Registrants - Registered. This has now been fixed.

  • DocumentLink wasn't generating on the Invoice, which caused an issue for customers with the pay later checkouts. This has been fixed._

  • The Clone feature is now working for Events and Recurring Events in Lightning and Classic.

Version 2.24

After upgrading to version 2.24, please navigate to the Form Element object, edit the Type field and include the "multi-select picklist" option.


New Features!! :star2::muscle::bomb::tada:

  • Create and track completed and "pay later" event registrations through Salesforce Opportunities - Opportunities are automatically created from event registrations!
  • Contact Us - Start receiving questions and comments from your attendees about the event by updating TWO fields. :bomb: :bomb:
  • Deep Clone - Deep Clone your Event and all related lists with one easy click and a few toggles :clap::clap:
    :exclamation::exclamation: There is a known bug with v 2.24, Deep Clone only works in Classic. We are currently working on fixing the error in Lightning.
  • Event Files/Attachment - There is a new tab called, "Content" on events that lets you attach files for your Attendees to view and download regarding your event.
  • Exclusive Invite - Send personal invites with a preselected ticket to certain attendees.
  • Grouped Sessions, Tracks - Preassign attendees to tracks. Tracks divide sessions into categories and enable attendees to register for particular sessions.
  • Integrating Salesforce Products - Relate Salesforce Products to Event Items (Tickets).
  • Invite Only RSVP - Our invite-only feature locks down who can register for your event.
  • Pay Later - Allow your attendees to register for events and pay later.
  • Recurring Events - Create many future looking events in seconds.
    :exclamation::exclamation: There is a known bug with v 2.24, the "Create Recurring Event" button only works in Classic. We are currently working on fixing the error in Lightning.

Bug Fixes :bug::beetle::ant:


Events (Admin) Page

Currently, there is an issue with the Events (Admin) page. We have created a case with Salesforce and should have it fixed by the next version release.

  • Bucket Account is now defined on Attendee and Contact - When the bucket account is defined on the Event Setting, the new Contact and Attendee records relate to the bucket account.
  • Cloning Events in Lightning redirect to the new Event in Lightning (before it was redirecting to the Event record in Classic).
  • Expense Entry - The Budget and Expense record now automatically gets added to the Expense Entry record.
  • "Lock AttendeeLink Invite" field on Attendee has been deleted and is replaced by the Invite Only feature.
  • Quantity Remaining on Event Item updates correctly - This field is now updating every time the Quantity Available or Quantity Registered is updated.
  • The Title on Attendee form is now populating on the Attendee and related Contact.

Enhancements :fireworks: :new: :fireworks:

  • Event Venue Country values are sorted alphabetically with USA at the top.
  • Realigned the Event Settings Tab and Label fields.
  • Error is thrown when Event is not defined on Campaign and the Add Attendee button is clicked.
    To use the Add Attendee button, first set the Event field lookup to your desired Event.
  • Content Tab now has a label field on Event Settings so you can override the name.
  • Two new fields, Salutation and Company, have been added to the Attendee Form!

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