We have integrated Stripe's payment platform for platforms which allows you to accept money and pay out to third parties like sellers, contractors, and service providers all from your Salesforce Org.

Stripe Connect Features:

  • Determine how money moves from customers to you, then to your platform's recipients (Connected Accounts).

  • Collect fees for your service.

  • Create custom payout schedules and payout methods.

  • Support different types of Stripe accounts like Standard, Express, and Custom Connected Accounts.

  • Customize your onboarding and verification process.

Use Cases
Connect is flexible to support a wide range of uses:

  • Travel and Booking platforms, like WeTravel

  • Crowdfunding services, like Kickstarter

  • On-demand services, like Lyft

  • Invoicing solutions, like Xero

  • E-commerce platforms, like Shopify

Please contact us if you are interested in enabling Stripe Connect for your Salesforce Org.

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