• 13 Jul 2022
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Meet Blackthorn’s newest addition! Base Package is the newest Salesforce managed package in the Blackthorn family of apps.

About Base Package

Base Package is a separate Salesforce app that houses components or features that are shared or ‘reused’ among Blackthorn’s apps but are otherwise unrelated. The sole purpose of Base Package is to support Blackthorn’s other apps.

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Base Package is a required prerequisite when installing Events 3.56 and above.
  • Along with Blackthorn Payments, Base Package will be installed automatically by the Candy Shop when Events is installed or upgraded starting in March 2022.
  • Base Package is not listed separately on the Candy Shop home page as it is a required prerequisite.
  • Base Package ‘lives’ in the background. It is designed to support Blackthorn’s other apps.

Permission Sets

The following permissions sets are available for the Base Package.

  • Blackthorn | Base (Admin)
    Gives full permissions to all Base Package objects and functionality

  • Blackthorn | Base (User)
    Gives Create, Read, Edit, and Delete but not Modify All on select Base Package objects and fields.