Payments: Objects
  • 12 Sep 2022
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Payments: Objects

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These custom objects are the bread and butter of Blackthorn Payments.


The Allocation object allows you to allocate funds to multiple Line Items on the same Invoice from a single Transaction. For example, when a payment is made for four Invoices using the same Transaction, Allocations help to split the funds across those four Invoices.

Blackthorn Logs

Blackthorn Log records store application errors captured in our code as well as some batch job information.

Company Info

The Company Info object houses information regarding your company or companies.

Custom Metadata Types

This Metadata Type automatically installs metadata records into your org.


The Dispute object receives disputes and allows you to submit evidence and upload files in defense.

Line Items

Line Items store price and quantity information for items related to an Invoice. A Stripe Line Item Record Type is used to create Invoice Items for an Invoice in Stripe Billing.

Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway object connects your Stripe account to Salesforce.

Payment Gateway Customer

The Payment Gateway Customer object connects your Salesforce customers (Accounts and/or Contacts) with your Customer accounts in Stripe.

Payment Methods

The Payment Method object stores the methods by which you charge your customers.

Payment Schedules

The Payment Schedule object allows you to create a variety of forward-looking, scheduled (recurring) Transactions.


An Invoice Record Type Invoice can be used to invoice a customer and apply charge Transactions to record a payment. A Stripe Invoice Record Type is used to create an Transaction in Stripe Billing.


The Transaction object is used to capture, authorize, and refund Transactions, create payouts to external accounts, transfer funds between Stripe accounts and provide adjustment Transactions from Stripe.

Webhook Events

The Webhook Event object captures data from Stripe that needs to be dispersed in Salesforce.

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