November 2021 - Version 3.42
  • 13 Jul 2022
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November 2021 - Version 3.42

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Article Summary

If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Breaking Changes

In order to use the Waitlist feature for an event, the Full Name and Email fields on the Attendee Form are now required. If they haven’t been enabled, the following error message will appear, “The waitlist is enabled. Full Name and Email fields have to be marked as required.”

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Front End Enhancements

The Data Dictionary feature will work with the new Checkout process, allowing other languages to be used as they are in the rest of the Events app.
We've enhanced Events Checkout 2.0 to ensure that it is responsive across all mobile devices and browsers.
A user can switch between the Calendar UI Experience (view) and the List UI Experience (view) on the Event Group UI via calendar and list icons at the top of the screen.
Users can now change between languages on the Event landing page in the Full-width UI. The language selector is located in the top right corner.
After an Attendee has added a Ticket with available Sessions to their order, they will be able to view the following for each Session.
Speakers that will be at each Session
Promo images for each Session
Session titles for each Session
Session descriptions for each Session
Time slots available for each Session
Available seats left for each Session
When an Event is free, the user will now be able to apply promo codes.
When a user adds a valid Promo Code to an Order summary, the Order summary will reflect the change in price. If a user enters an invalid Promo Code, the Order summary will not change, and the user will receive notification of an invalid Promo Code.
Paid Sessions with any combination of Free and Paid Event Items is now supported in Events. A user’s Order Summary will also automatically update when Sessions and Discount and Promo Codes are applied.
Sessions Waitlisting will not be included in the November 2021 release. The Capacity and Waitlisting section has been removed from the page layout for Sessions. If a user tries to register, they will receive the following message. “Session waitlisting is not currently available but will be included in a forthcoming release. Message as of November 3, 2021.”
The Order Summary functionality has been updated to work correctly during checkout. A user (registrant) can complete the following tasks in the Tabbed UI Experience.
Proceed to the payment section of Checkout to confirm how to pay for their order.
View all sessions for each ticket that were added to their order to be able to view an order summary of the sessions that were added.
Expand and collapse their order summary to see all sessions that have been added to their order.
View a rollup summary of ticket and session cost by registrant to see a line item breakdown of all sessions and tickets that have been added to the order.
Remove sessions from the order summary of each ticket in order to complete the task faster.
Remove a ticket from the order summary so that the ticket and its sessions can be removed quickly.
Go back to previously added tickets in the order summary to change the registrant and details of a ticket.
Add a promo code from the order summary to see the applied discount while adding the promo code to the order summary.
View the order summary during checkout to see which tickets and sessions were added to the order.

Back End Enhancements

  • The Salesforce field AttendeeLink Message on the Event object has been relabeled as AttendeeLink Invite Message to clarify the purpose of the field.
  • All references to “Offers” in the Event Wizard have been changed to “Tickets” to align with most commonly used terminology for “Event Items”.
  • The Clone and Manage Keywords buttons have been added to the Event record layout.
  • If a user has “Create” access for an object, the user will be able to create new records from all lookup fields in the Event Wizard. If a user is unable to do so, they should contact their administrator for additional permissions.
  • A new field called Attendance Type has been added to help track whether an Attendee is attending virtually or in-person. The picklist field can be set manually, via custom automation, or by using Forms with Attendee mapping. Those wishing to use this field, who are upgrading their Events package, will need to add the new field to their Attendee page layout manually.
  • If an Admin needs the update their permissions to authorize the app, the following message will explain how to assign themselves the correct permission set.
    • Message: "You need to have the Events Admin Permission Set to authorize the application. Click Here to assign the permission set to yourself. Once assigned, return to this page, refresh, and it will be available.”
    • The “Click Here” link goes to the Events Admin Permission Set user assignment page.
  • The following updates have been made to the Event Wizard.
    • After filling in an event’s information, the user has two options. They can either click Save & Publish Later or Save & Publish Now.
      • If the user chooses Save & Publish Later, the Publish/Unpublish button at the top left will read “Publish.”
      • If the user chooses Save & Publish Now, the button at the top left will read “Unpublish.”
    • The Publish and Unpublish buttons will be available after saving the information the first time. A Preview button will then be available in the top right corner with a Close button and a Save button.
    • If the user attempts to close the Event Wizard before an event’s information has been saved, a warning message - “You have unsaved changes. Before closing, click Save.” - will appear. The user will then have three buttons to choose from, Edit & Don’t Save, Cancel, and Save.
  • If “Zoom Webinar” is chosen for a Select a Webinar/Meeting option, a Zoom Type picklist will appear. If another option is chosen, the picklist will not be shown.
  • In the Event Wizard, changes have been made to the Sessions page and to the Tickets page above the Sessions section.
    • The following text was added: “To have Sessions appear in the Checkout, relate a Ticket to a Session when you add a Ticket. After relating the Session to the Ticket, you can add a price or denote the session as free.”
    • A checkbox with the Field Label Free was added. The new Field Name is Free__c on Event Item Session. This field has the following behavior.
      • If checked, the Price field will be disabled.
      • If the Price field is 0 or NULL, the Free checkbox will be auto-checked.
      • The Help Text is “Mark this checkbox if the Session does not require a payment to register, i.e. it’s Free.”
  • The Select Webcast button label on the Event details and Session details has been changed to a Search box with the label, Select a Webinar/Meeting. The Search box offers the same functionality: paste a URL, search and select any existing webinar/meeting accounts, and create a New Webinar Account. The following options are available for each.
    • Events:
      • “Webinar Account”
      • “Paste webinar URL”
      • “Create New”
    • Sessions:
      • “Zoom Webinar”
      • “Webinar Account”
      • "Paste URL"
      • "Create New"
  • The existing ticket service, originally created for simple and full-width UIs, will be reused for all UI experiences to retain the capacities logic on a single service.
  • Paid Sessions with any combination of Free and Paid Event Items is now supported in Events.

Bug fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

Registration Success Message Not Displaying

The Registration Success Message field’s message, defined on the Event record, is not displaying properly after a user registers for the Event. The generic response “Your Order is Complete” is displayed. We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the problem.

  • The AttendeeLink will populate the Attendee’s information, including the Country field, correctly during checkout.
  • The pricing label on an Event opened via its Event Group has been updated to show the following.
    • For a past Event with Free tickets, the Event label will display “FREE.”
    • For a past Event with Free and Paid tickets, the Event label will display "Starts at Free.”
    • For a past Event with only Paid tickets, the Event will display "Starts at [Lowest ticket price].”
  • The Add New Attendee button on the Attendee Registration Component will no longer remain disabled after
    • the maximum capacity has been reached, and
    • one or more Attendees have been deleted, reducing the number of Attendees below the maximum capacity.
  • If the Language Picker on an Event is set to a specific language, that language will no longer be a choice. For example, if the current selection is English, the Language Picker options will not include English.
  • After letting a browser detect the local language or setting the Language with the language selector on the Event page, the text in the “Sign Up” component will be translated to the appropriate language.
  • After adding an image to an Event via a link from Dropbox and Google Drive, the correct image will be displayed on the Event landing page.
  • When using a Discount Code at checkout, the code will now be applied correctly.
  • When a user adds tickets to the cart via an AttendeeLink, items previously added to the cart via normal checkout will automatically be removed. The converse is also true.
  • When answering conditional questions with a Big List typeahead during the checkout process, the typeahead popup will appear as the user types in an answer.
  • If a Discount Code is applied to multiple tickets for different Event Items during checkout, the discount will be applied to all eligible tickets in the order.
  • When entering an Attendee’s information during the checkout process, the URL input validation message will appear if the user enters an invalid value in a URL field.
  • In Checkout 2.0, the Total on the Order summary accurately reflects the discounted amount when a Discount is applied.
  • When using Aspen UI or Maple UI, the Sales Start Date and the Sales End Date will now be visible on the Event Group landing page.
  • The Supplemental Question Information will appear with a Question on a form when the Supplemental Question Information field on the Form Element has information.
  • After a Big List Group with several Big List Options is created and added to a custom question on a form, the user will be able to view the dropdown with the pre-configured options and search within the options range.
  • After an Attendee registers for an Event’s free Session, they will no longer be able to sign up for a paid Session for free at that Event by following the AttendeeLink.
  • Upcoming Events will no longer show a “Sales Ended” notification when the Sales End Date of the Event is in the future. This is true for the List and Calendar UIs. Maple and Aspen UIs will be updated in a future release.
  • The following checkout scenarios apply to Communities and Authentication via Iframe.
    • After using the AttendeeLink to get to the Event page, an authenticated user can click the Redeem Item button to add a ticket to their cart.
    • After navigating directly to the Event page, an authenticated user can click the Add Myself button to add a ticket to their cart.
  • When anonymous checkout is enabled, Attendees may register for an Event with paid Event Items, free Event Items, or when the Pay Later option is available.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • When an Attendee changes an answer to a conditional question during the checkout process, only the final answer will be mapped to the appropriate field on the Attendee record.
  • To avoid getting a “refused to connect” error when trying to authorize the Events app via VPN, the user will need to update their Network Access Settings in Salesforce by following the steps below:
    • From your Orgs Settings, go to Network Access.
    • Make sure the IP Address is listed under Trusted IP Ranges.
  • When an Event record (that is part of an Event Group) has a blank Event Start Time, the start time shown on the Event Group URL will remain blank. This is true for all UI Experiences.
  • Users will no longer get an “Insufficient Access” error when using the Send Email component if their Permission Sets have been assigned though a Permission Set Group.
  • After cloning or editing, an existing Form Element, users can now successfully discard new changes by clicking the Back button and choosing "No" to the question, “Do you want to save your changes?”
  • After using the Event Wizard to clone a previously created Event with at least one Session with a Start and End Date/Time, the cloned Session will include the correct times.
  • The Send Emails From field on an Event will show the correct email address after using the Email Configuration Component to set the email address to an org-wide email address.
  • When cloning an Event or creating a Recurring Event after a related user has been deactivated, the new Event with its related records will now be cloned correctly.
  • In the Sessions tab of the Event Wizard, users may add and/or delete the Banner (image).
  • On the Blackthorn | Events Admin page, the Event Admin can now view and interact with our team via Chat, located on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • To assist users, the asterisk that indicates a required field will be located on the left of all required questions in the Attendee registration component.
  • When an Event includes a Form Element Type = "File Upload" and Map to (Object) = "Attendee" on the Pre-Registration form, the Attendee will now be able to successfully register without encountering an error.
  • Custom CSS will now be applied correctly to an Event Group that has its UI Experience set to “Calendar.”
  • Depending on the status of the Allow Attendee Edit AttendeeLink fields field on the Event Settings record, the attendee will either be able to update their AttendeeLink fields (enabled) or will be unable to change their information (disabled).
  • The Logo URL field (conference360_Logo_Url_c) on the Event Setting object has been deprecated.
  • The Processing Fee field and the Ticketing Fee field on the Event Settings have been deprecated.
  • The Hotel Room Block fields, Room Nights Available and Room Nights Claimed, will now update correctly after changes to the Hotel Booking records.
  • When an Attendee registers for an Event with a different Email but the same First name, Last name, and Address as an existing Contact, a duplicate Contact/Account will not be created. The Event Registration Submission record and Opportunity will be matched against the existing Contact/Account.
  • When an Attendee is created, the Account Record Type selected in the Relationship Setting now works properly and creates the correct Account/Contact record.
  • After clicking Wizard on an existing Event Record that has an extensive number of Attendees (i.e. 1-2k), the user will no longer receive the “APEX CPU Time Limit Exceed” error. The Event Wizard will now load correctly and allow the user to view and/or edit the existing Event.
  • When the Attendee page’s data fields are set to “Hide”, the “Contact Information” section on the Payment page will be hidden.
  • When "Pay Later" is checked during the checkout process, the blue Pay button will change to the blue Complete button.
  • Clicking the Back button in the Sessions tab will redirect the user to the Event page.
  • When using Stripe Checkout to complete the checkout process and Cashnet and Touchnet are not configured, the Event Registration Submission record will be created and processed correctly. The Sales Doc will then be created.
  • For individuals using Events with a Stripe Payment Gateway, the matching logic has been updated to prevent duplicate contacts from being created during the registration process.
  • To ensure that correct caching occurs when scheduling a batch job from the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab, batch jobs should be scheduled to run the next night at 1am (EST).
  • User’s can now add the Type field to the Event Wizard’s Tickets tab by adding the Type field to the “Blackthorn | Events Wizard Ticket Fields” fieldset. However, if the added field is not visible on the Ticket tab, the user will receive this error message, “Some of the fields [name of field] added in the fields are not supported.”
  • To ensure an Attendee's registration is submitted correctly even if an exception occurs during matching, the Payment Checkout logic has been updated to process the relationship data separately. Affected customers will no longer see errors such as 'INVALID_CROSS_REFERENCE_KEY, invalid cross reference id:' on failed Event Submission Registration records.
Total Capacity Setting

To prevent Events with multiple event items from incorrectly showing that they are sold out when one event item reaches capacity, but the other event item has unlimited tickets available, one of the following settings must be chosen.

  • The Total Capacity must be set on the Event Level.
  • The Total Capacity must be set on the Event Item Level.

NOTE: The Total Capacity cannot be set on both the Event Item Level and the Event Level.

Mobile Check-In App

  • The user can change the page width and height of a badge.
  • A typo has been corrected in the Mobile Check-In app. “Sandbox” has been changed to “Sandbox.” This change was deployed with Version 1.9.2.

Admin Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade Events to the newest version, go to the Blackthorn Candy Shop.

Blackthorn has adopted Salesforce’s managed package installer to simplify the installation process.

Since Payments is already installed, the installer will install Base Package and make sure the correct version of Payments is installed before installing Events.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.


From now until 11/22/21, the directions below will teach you how to test the new front-end features, enhancements, and bug fixes until they are automatically pushed.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.