November 2020 - Version 3.8


If upgrading from a version older than 3.4...

Please review our older documentation here to make sure you're up to date on all new features and fields.

Once the below updates have been reviewed, please upgrade your events and payments app from the AppExchange.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Review and upgrade your Payments App (even if you have free events) here.

  2. Then upgrade your Events App here.

  3. Reauthorize Blackthorn Events by navigating to the Blackthorn Events Admin page, and click Authorize the App. Please find steps to authorize here.


From now until 11/23/2020, the below directions will teach you how to test the new features and enhancements until they are automatically pushed.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our community.


  • Added 10 more email templates into the Email Template Builder. Navigate to the Blackthorn Events | Admin Tab → click Metadata Updates → then click Create Email Templates to deploy the new templates!

  • We now support injecting fonts into events through CSS

  • The Event Description field will now display hyperlinks in the text

  • When an attendee registers for a session, the Confirmed text now reflects the Primary Color on Event Settings

  • Users will no longer need access to Campaigns to add Attendees for events that do not use campaign event sync

  • Added better support for international phone numbers by including '+ (number)' through a dropdown selector that an attendee can choose from when registering for an event

  • Added the ability to remove Map To (Object) and Map To (Field) when creating Custom Questions

  • Added the ability to have the same conditional question appear for multiple responses.

  • Added two new fields Event Start Date/Time and Event End Date/Time. This field is used for email templates and reporting to prevent daylight savings time issues from occurring.

  • When Event Item Type = Guest, we now require an attendee to be added before allowing registration. Check out our documentation here!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: an issue with the Email Template Builder that prevented the ' character from being used in the template

  • Fixed: Email Template Builder - adding too many merge fields that would cause an Apex CPU timeout error

  • Fixed: a bug that was causing Disable Checkout as Someone Else to not function properly

  • Fixed: When an venue has an account linked, the URL to the venue will now load properly on the event overview page

  • Fixed: Speakers would appear when Status is not equal to Confirmed

  • Fixed: Aspen UI was causing events to not display properly

  • Fixed: Forms when Type = Checkbox and a conditional field was applied, the conditional field was not appearing

  • Fixed: a bug for Big List Groups that was requiring the question to be answered on checkout, when it was not required

  • Fixed: when adding an event to your calendar that required downloading an .ics file (Outlook or iCal) that would display the event start and end time incorrectly

  • Fixed: a bug in the Event Group Calendar view that would show dates with multiple events as titled as '123 events'. It will now detect the number of events and display them accordingly. Example: This date now shows "7 Events" instead of "123 Events"

  • Fixed: when adding a Session to your calendar, the wrong time was being populated

  • Fixed: where images on the Sponsor tab were disappearing

  • Fixed: caching issue when updating the Streaming Service URL field that prevented switching the URL after the Event was created

  • Fixed: a bug preventing attendees that were manually created from the Attendees object from being added to webinars

  • Fixed: an issue where new events were not being published due to the Status field not being automatically set to Active

  • Fixed: an issue with Data Dictionary not functioning properly for some AttendeeLink fields

  • Fixed: Events not displaying proper daylight savings time calculations

New Fields/Layouts

  • Added Custom CSS Url on the Event and Event Group objects

  • Added Event Start Date/Time field to the Event object

  • Added Event End Date/Time field to the Event object

  • Changed Proxima-Nova to Proxima Nova on the Event Settings Font field

  • Added Guest to the Type picklist field on the Event Item object

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