The Mobile Payments App includes a navigation menu to access different sections in the application. These sections include:


This is the main screen of the application. This is where users will be able to enter in details about their transactions and associate them with an Account and/or a Contact.

Tokenize Card

This section of the application allows users to enter credit card details into Mobile Payments. This information is then tokenized and added to Salesforce as a Payment Method. This Payment Method can be associated with an Account and/or a Contact.


The Payment Gateway selected on the Home screen will be the Payment Gateway you see populated on the Payment Method that is created through this Tokenize method.


The Reader page allows users to connect the Mobile Payments app to a card reader. This is also where you can update the firmware of your card reader.

Mobile Payments will search for firmware updates each time you connect a card reader. If your reader needs an update an Install link will be presented. Otherwise a message stating your reader has the latest update will be displayed.


The Support page allows users to contact our Customer Success team. Here they can submit a case or access our documentation.


The About page will display the app version. This could be helpful for troubleshooting or if you are curious if you've installed the latest version.


This is your basic option for logging out of the app.

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