Mobile Payments iOS Releases
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Mobile Payments iOS Releases

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Build 1.4

Released 28 September 2023


Offline for Mobile


The Field Service mobile app and new offline functionality will ship as a known issue as the deep link does not update as intended. This is because, with its current implementation, there is no way to update the link without connecting to the internet and performing a data sync.

• Mobile Payments – Version 2.0.0 (6)
• Mobile Payments FSL Extension – Version 1.66
• Mobile Payments iOS – Version 1.4

Users now can collect payments when the iOS Mobile Payments app is offline by turning on a new custom setting.

  • Location: Blackthorn Payments - Mobile Settings
  • Field Label: Enable Offline Mobile
  • API Name: bt_stripe__Enable_Offline_Mobile__c
  • Default = unchecked
  • Functionality
    • Mobile Pay
      • When Enable Offline Setting is checked (enabled), then the Mobile Pay button (Mobile Payments package) includes the amount and description in the URL.
      • When Enable Offline Setting is unchecked (disabled), then the URL remains the same.
    • FSL
      • When Enable Offline Setting is checked (enabled), then the Mobile Pay hyperlink (Mobile Payments FSL Extension package) includes the amount and description in the URL.
      • When Enable Offline Setting is unchecked (disabled), then the URL remains the same. The URL will be regenerated when the amount and/or description is updated on the Transaction.

  • The Mobile Payments app will download and securely store a list of the available Payment Gateways the first time the home screen loads. This allows users to capture payment details and select a valid Payment Gateway when an active internet connection isn’t available.
    NOTE: Change made to a Payment Gateway in Salesforce won’t be reflected in the Mobile Payments app until the home screen is loaded while the app is connected to an internet connection.
  • When a user is working offline, they will see a message reminding them that there is no active internet connection. The message will automatically appear and disappear based on whether the app can find an active internet connection.
  • When the Mobile Payments app is offline, users will see a confirmation popup after a cash payment is submitted. This functionality works similarly to the way card and ACH payments work.
  • When a device is offline and a Transaction is paid, the related information will be encrypted and stored locally on the device.
  • Any information created or changed while the app is in offline mode will sync to Salesforce when the app is back online where the information will be validated and processed. The information will then be deleted from the offline storage.
  • A new menu option called “Pending changes (x)” was added to the left-hand navigation. When a user taps the Pending charges option, they will see a new screen with a list of Transactions that were saved while the device was offline. The list of records will be synched and validated in Salesforce as soon as the internet connection is restored. A dialog box will also show the user that there are pending changes if they try to log out of the app.

Tap to Pay


Tap to Pay on iPhone is currently available in the US only.

  • Mobile Payments app users now have the option to use the Tap to Pay feature to accept contactless payments via the Stripe Terminal SDK. NOTE: Mobile wallet tokens are not reusable.
  • Users can now select Accepted Payment Method = "Tap to Pay" on the Payment Gateway, Transaction, and Payment User Override objects.
  • The SDK for Tap to Pay on iPhone requires iOS mobile devices to meet the following criteria:
    • Running iOS 16.0 or later
    • iPhone XS or later
    • The device Is not jailbroken; the device bootloader is locked and unchanged.
    • Note: iPads do not have NFC reading capabilities, so they are not currently supported.
  • Tap to Pay requires an active internet connection.
  • Payment details used cannot be stored and re-used if the payment used is a mobile wallet.
  • Pin entry as a fallback for payments that require an additional layer of authentication is not supported.

For more information about using Tap to Pay on iOS, click here.

Bug Fixes

  • An intermittent issue that occurred when processing a mobile card reader payment has been fixed. The app will no longer attempt to update the Payment Intent while the related Transaction is being captured.
  • Blackthorn was incorrectly sending a “Paid = True” parameter for all Check Transactions. This caused some automation to be triggered and the status of the Transaction to be incorrectly updated. This parameter will no longer be sent for check Transactions.
  • To prevent duplicate Payment Gateway Customer records from being created, users can no longer edit existing Contact and Account information in the Mobile Payments app when the app is launched from an existing Transaction (from FSL or Salesforce mobile).
  • The Pay button located on the Check 21 check scanning page will be enabled once the user enters the check information. Previously, the Pay button remained grayed out until a refresh was performed.
  • If a user enters a billing email address on the Mobile Payments app, the billing email will be stored on the resulting Payment Gateway Customer, Payment Method, and Transaction records. The billing email will only be stored on these records if the email is new, and no matching records are found. If a matching record is found, the email address on the relevant records will NOT be updated.

Build 1.1.12

Released 14 December 2021

Breaking Change

Stripe users need to add locations to their Stripe dashboard before upgrading their iOS mobile devices to the latest version. If the locations are not added first, users will be unable to connect to a Stripe card reader.


  • The iOS Mobile Payment app release includes updates to meet the new Stripe Terminal mobile SDKs version 2.0.0 requirements. To assist users and meet the locations requirement of the new SDK, Blackthorn has added the ability to add a device location to a reader. Users will see a new field on the reader screen and can now select a location that was previously created in their Stripe dashboard. These changes do not impact the payment functionality of the app.
  • When a user selects a UK Payment Gateway while using the iOS Mobile Payments, the GBP currency is automatically selected. The accepted Payment Methods are "Cash" and "Card".

Build 1.1.11

Released 10 May 2021


  • Added: A Payment Gateway selector on the Tokenize Card screen now that multiple provider options are available.
  • Added: A validation to inform users when the Payment Gateway selected is not configured properly.
  • Added: Updated the messaging when the location permission is disabled for the Mobile Payments app. This will inform users why they are unable to use the card reader and allow them to update their app settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: When Postal Code was added during Transaction capture with manual card payments the value wasn't being added to the resulting Payment Method. Now users will see Postal Code populated on the Payment Method created in Salesforce.

Build 1.1.9

Released 5 Apr 2021

  • Restored the ability to send email receipts for ACH Transactions.

# Build 1.1.8

Released 29 Mar 2021


  • Added the ability to capture credit card payments using manual card entry.
  • Added the ability to capture ACH payments.
  • Removed the ability to send email receipts for ACH transactions since they result in a "Pending" Payment Status This should be a more intuitive user experience.
  • In order to match the Android Mobile Payments app UI, we added a Postal code field to manual credit card entries.
  • Check21 Users: We added edge detection to the check capture feature. This will prevent blurry image capture. Note

The ability to add related Accounts and Contacts to an Transaction will be in an upcoming release.

Build 1.1.6

Released 28 Jan 2021


  • Updated the iOS App Store app listing to include a more detailed description and screenshots of the app.

Build 1.1.5

Released 15 Dec 2020


  • Added the platform name to the version data that appears in the Mobile App Version field on the Transaction. This will further allow users to troubleshoot items by identifying from which platform a Transaction originated.
  • The field labeled Mobile App Version will now populate a value for all types of Payment Methods not just those associated with Stripe.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: When the iPad was oriented to the landscape position the Return to Salesforce button was moving outside of the visible screen.
  • Resolved: If users were on a Payments package that didn't include all of the new field references there was an error displaying. Logic has been put in place to determine what Payments package the Mobile Payments user has installed.

Build 1.1.4

Released 23 Nov 2020


  • The Mobile Payments app now includes better error handling during token expiration.
  • Added an About page so users can view the Mobile Payments app version from the app rather than the App Store.
  • Added Mobile App Version labels for use inside of Salesforce. You can now add a field Mobile App Version to your Transaction to see what Mobile App version was used to create the record.
  • Added the ability to update the card reader firmware from the Mobile Payments app. Read more here.
  • Added messaging to the Reader page to let users know that their card reader firmware has the latest update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved: A bug where the Scanned Amount field wasn't always clickable in landscape view on iPad.
  • Resolved: An error stating 'No such payment_intent' that was being produced when a user created multiple Transactions using more than one Payment Gateway.
  • Resolved: An instance where an OK button was not clickable.
  • Resolved: Frozen Support page elements. The user can now navigate through the Support page.

Build 1.1.3

Released 15 Oct 2020


  • Added a validation to verify if Require Existing Transaction for Mobile is enabled in Salesforce.
  • Check 21 Customers: Additional validations for check and money order processing.
    • Routing Number must be exactly 9 digits and not contain spaces/symbols.
    • Acceptable value lengths for Account Number include 4-19 digits and no spaces/symbols.

Build 1.1.1

Released 2 Oct 2020


  • Added Contact and Account lookup fields on the "Mobile Payments" home screen.
  • Provided a Tokenize Card option to tokenize credit card and associate to Contact and/or Account via lookup fields.
  • Incorporated the Blackthorn brand update with new colors and logo.
  • Added "Money Order" as a picklist value on the Accepted Payment Methods fields on the Payment Gateway and Transaction objects.
  • Check 21 Customers: Added a rectangle to image capture for the check payment method.
  • Check 21 Customers: Devices now have the ability to reorient the rectangle when they have been rotated.
  • Check 21 Customers: Added validations to check processing

Bug Fixes:

  • Implemented a fix for rounding issues that were occurring on some transactions.