Mobile Payments Android Releases
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Mobile Payments Android Releases

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Build 1.1.10

Released 06 April 22


  • The “Require Existing Transaction for Mobile” feature is now supported in Blackthorn Mobile Payments for Android devices. This setting will block users from processing a payment in the Mobile Payments app if there isn’t an existing Transaction in Salesforce before the app is launched.

Build 1.1.9

Released 22 March 22

Bug Fixes

  • After successfully completing a payment on the Mobile Payments app and attempting to complete a second transaction, the currency symbol will now appear before the charge amount on the Reader screen instead of the word “null”.
  • When a Mobile Payments app user clicks Support on the main navigation screen, they will now see the correct Support content.
  • The “Pair a reader” page in the Mobile Payments app loads correctly when the user navigates there from the side navigation.
  • If a user selects an Account or Contact with an associated email address, the email address will now appear on the receipt screen.
  • The Return To Field Service Lightning button has been added to the Mobile Payment app’s receipt screen.
  • We resolved a breaking change caused by the Android 12 update. When using an Android device to make a payment via the Mobile Payments app, users are now able to click Next and complete the Transaction rather than being taken back to the Field Service App.
  • When a user performs a Transaction in the Mobile Payment app on an Android device, they will be presented with the following Payment Methods: Card, Cash, Check, and ACH. The Money Order option is not available on Android devices.


  • When connecting a Stripe card reader, a modal screen will appear on the Mobile Payments app to ask for Bluetooth permissions for the following new permissions in Android 12 or higher.
    • BLUETOOTH_CONNECT: required to connect to paired Bluetooth devices.
    • BLUETOOTH_SCAN: required to scan and pair nearby Bluetooth devices.
    • BLUETOOTH_ADVERTISE: required to advertise to nearby Bluetooth devices.

Build 1.1.8

Released 14 December 2021

Breaking Change

Stripe users need to add locations to their Stripe dashboard before upgrading their Android mobile devices to the latest version. If the locations are not added first, users will be unable to connect to a Stripe card reader.


  • The Android Mobile Payment app release includes updates to meet the new Stripe Terminal mobile SDKs version 2.0.0 requirements. To assist users and meet the locations requirement of the new SDK, Blackthorn has added the ability to add a device location to a reader. Users will see a new field on the reader screen and can now select a location that was previously created in their Stripe dashboard. These changes do not impact the payment functionality of the app.
  • When a user selects a UK Payment Gateway while using the Android Mobile Payments, the GBP currency is automatically selected. The accepted Payment Methods are "Cash" and "Card".

Build 1.1.6

Released 10 May 2021


  • Added: A Payment Gateway selector on the Tokenize Card screen now that multiple provider options are available.
  • Added: A validation to inform users when the Payment Gateway selected is not configured properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Clicking OK after entering card details on the tokenize screen always resulted in navigation to the home screen. We've updated the click action for this button to return the user to the tokenize screen when a card results in errors. This will allow the user to easily make updates to the card details.
  • Resolved: When adding an card using the tokenize screen there was a error being displayed and also a related Transaction record was created. The logic has been updated to prevent both of these items from occurring.

Build 1.1.5

Released 13 Apr 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Restored the ability to send email receipts for ACH Transactions.
  • Resolved: When capturing cash Transactions the Mobile Payments app was crashing. Users will now be able to complete a cash Transaction in the Mobile Payments app.

Build 1.1.3

Released 24 Mar 2021


  • Added the ability to capture credit card payments using manual card entry.
  • Added the ability to capture ACH payments.
  • Removed the ability to send email receipts for ACH transactions since they result in a "Pending" Payment Status This should be a more intuitive user experience. Note

The ability to add related Accounts and Contacts to an Transaction will be in an upcoming release.

January 2021 Update

Released 27 Jan 2021


  • We didn't update the functionality of the app so that's why you do not see a new version number, but we did update the Play Store app listing to include a more detailed description and screenshots of the app.

Build 1.1.2

Released 23 Dec 2020


  • Added: The ability to programmatically check the battery level prior to a firmware update.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: If users were on a Payments package that didn't include all of the new field references there was an error displaying. Logic has been put in place to determine what Payments package the Mobile Payments user has installed.

Build 1.1.1

Released 30 Nov 2020


  • Added: bt prefix for the key value used as header detail for card reader Transactions.
  • Added: An About page so users can view the Mobile Payments app version from the app rather than the Play Store.
  • Added: Mobile App Version labels for use inside of Salesforce. You can now add a field Mobile App Version to your Transaction to see what Mobile App version was used to create the record.
  • Added: The ability to update the card reader firmware from the Mobile Payments app. Read more here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug to correct issue of not being able to send an email receipt for cash payments.

Build 1.1.0

Released 15 Oct 2020


  • Added a disconnect button when a card reader is connected to the Mobile Payments app.
  • Included the Tokenize Card feature from iOS Mobile Payments in our Android application.
  • The Mobile Payments app now includes better error handling during token expiration.
  • Enhanced the Contact lookup for a more intuitive user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug to correct issue of not being able to connect to a card reader.