FSL Extension Package Setup

Setup FSL and Blackthorn Payments Mobile FSL Extension Package

  1. Navigate to Setup > Field Service Settings.
  2. Click Enable.

Install the Field Service Managed Package

  • In case you haven't yet, install the Field Service Managed Package, else skip this: https://fsl.secure.force.com/install. (You can install the managed package on a production or sandbox org).

Install the Blackthorn FSL Extension Package


Payments Version Dependency

In order to install the latest FSL Extension package you will also need to have version 5.31 or greater of Payments installed.

Suggested Transaction Object Configuration

Once everything is installed you'll want to add the following configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Transaction object in Setup.
  2. Click Edit on the Page Layout.
  3. Add the Work Order lookup to the page layout.

Suggested Work Order Object Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Work Order object in Setup.
  2. Click Edit on the Page Layout.
  3. Add the Transaction related list to the page layout.
  1. Add the Mobile Pay, Balance Paid and Balance Due fields to the 'Work Order' page layout.

Assign Permission Sets

  1. Identify the users that will be using the Blackthorn FSL Extension Package.
  2. Assign the Blackthorn | Payments FSL Permission set to those users.

Adding Field Service Permissions

  1. From the App Launcher, type Field Service Settings and navigate to that app.
  2. From the Getting Started step click the Permission Sets tab.
  3. Click Create Permissions for all the Roles.
  4. Click Save.

Adding Field Service Territory, Work Type, and Service Resource

  1. Click on the Getting Started tab.
  2. Click the Go to Guided Setup button.
  3. Create a Service Territory, Work Type, and Service Resource.
  1. Click on the Create Dispatchers and Agents step and click Add.
  2. Choose users from Assign Service Territories to Select User.
  3. Select the Service Territory.
  4. Click Assign Service Territory.

What’s Next

Create FSL Records

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