Blackthorn Mobile Payments

We make it easy to accept credit card, check, ACH, cash and money order payments with your mobile phone. The charge process is super fast and easy - enter an amount, choose a payment method and charge. Once the transaction is complete, you can email a receipt to the customer by entering their email.

Payment Methods:

  • Card reader support for tap, dip and swipe credit card payment options.
  • Charge credit cards in person to receive card present swipe rates.
  • Other payment methods include ACH, cash, check and money order.
  • The entire payment process is handled in a PCI compliant manner.


Only Card, Cash, Check, and ACH Payment Methods are available on Android. The Money Order option is not available on Android devices.

Salesforce Integration

  • Our Mobile Payments app can be opened from the Salesforce mobile app and the Salesforce Field Service mobile app. The link to our Mobile Payments app can send data to pre-populate a Payment Gateway, charge amount, description and a related Salesforce record.

  • Charge Transaction and Payment Method record are stored in Salesforce where they can be related to an Account, Contact or any other standard or custom object.

  • Payment Methods from a swipe or dip can be re-used in Salesforce for other charges or subscriptions on Transactions with a Payment Intent.

  • Checks can be scanned and processed using the check21 integration via the Salesforce mobile app.

Setup Mobile Payments

Setup Field Service Lightning Payments

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