Install & Setup

Package Install

  1. Install the latest version of Blackthorn Payments and complete the setup wizard.

  2. Install the Blackthorn Mobile Payments package in a sandbox or production and assign licenses to all users that need access.

  3. Install our iOS app

Add Mobile Pay Action to Transaction Page Layout

The Mobile Pay action can be added to the Transaction Page Layout to link from the Salesforce mobile app to the Blackthorn Mobile Pay app. This is useful for Salesforce mobile app users that want to take a mobile payment. Follow these setup steps to enable:

  1. In Salesforce go to Setup - Customize - Custom Objects and click on the Transaction object.

  2. Click Edit next to the Charge Transaction Layout, click the Mobile & Lightning Actions link to show all available Actions and and drag the Mobile Pay action to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.

  3. Save the Page Layout.

Enable Send Receipt Email in Salesforce

Salesforce can send a receipt to a customer's email that's can be entered after a mobile Transaction is complete. To enable in Salesforce go to Setup - Create - Workflow & Approvals - Workflow Rules. Then Activate the Send Blackthorn Mobile Payments Receipt (Text) workflow rule.

Card Reader Firmware Updates

We've added the ability to update your card reader firmware inside the Mobile Payments app.

  1. Navigate to the Reader screen.
  2. Connect your reader.
  3. Notice that while connecting the reader we are checking for firmware updates.
  4. If your reader has a firmware update available a link to Install the update will appear.
  5. Follow the prompts on-screen to install the update.


Connecting a Stripe Card Reader

When connecting a Stripe card reader, a modal screen will appear on the Mobile Payments app to ask for Bluetooth permissions for the following new permissions in Android 12 or higher.

  • BLUETOOTH_CONNECT: required to connect to paired Bluetooth devices.
  • BLUETOOTH_SCAN: required to scan and pair nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • BLUETOOTH_ADVERTISE: required to advertise to nearby Bluetooth devices.


If you encounter an error and are trying to track down which version of the software has been used with a Transaction, we have added a field to the Transaction object for this purpose. Please add to your Transaction page layout if you would like to use this feature.

  • Mobile App Version: This field will automatically populate with the application platform name (iOS or Android) and the version number.

If you run into any questions with the setup, please reach out here:

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