Attendee Check-in & QR

Select an event from the event listing screen, you will be taken to the attendee listing screen, where you can find all the registered attendees for that specific event. There is a refresh button on the top right for manually refreshing the list in case there are data changes from Salesforce. Also the sub-header also display the total checked-in attendee count as well as total registered attendee count.

Attendee listingAttendee listing

Attendee listing

To check someone in, simply swipe his/her name from right all the way to left, or you can tap his/her name to check out the attendee details and check in from there.

Swipe and check inSwipe and check in

Swipe and check in

Attendee detailsAttendee details

Attendee details

To check someone in using his/her badge QR code, tap on the bottom right floating scan button to trigger the camera like so:

QR code scanningQR code scanning

QR code scanning

Once a QR code is accepted and found, you will be taken to the attendee details screen, otherwise, an alert message will be prompted saying no one is found.

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