May 2021 - Version 3.24
  • 18 Jul 2022
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May 2021 - Version 3.24

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Upgrade Notice

Starting with the June 2021 release, we will require all customers to be no more than 3 versions behind the latest version. We'll start reaching out to customers in April that are more than 3 versions behind.

Event Caching

Over the last few months, we've been doing our best to improve the caching experience for all users. Through a significant amount of development work, testing, and cases submitted by you, we believe we're finally at the end of these issues. We thank you all very much for your patience through these growing pains. Please read our Event Caching documentation to learn more about caching.

Please keep in mind - you will need to be on the latest version to take advantage of the caching updates.

Using a Custom Domain? Read this!

Due to caching changes, if you use a custom domain you may need to update Remote Site Settings for events to receive cache invalidations. Update your Events Domain from Setup > Security > Remote Site Settings > Events_Domain. Update 'Remote Site URL' from "" to ""


We have added a new permission set labeled Event (Organizer). This will have all the same permissions as Event (Admin) with the limitation of not having access to the Blackthorn Events Admin tab. More information listed here!


Front End Enhancements

  • We've updated the aspect ratio of images used in an Event Group, Mobile, and Overview. Users will now notice Images are displayed at an aspect ratio of 2:1 on desktop and mobile. This will avoid trimming issues using the same image in multiple locations.

Back End Enhancements

  • The Event (Admin) and Event (Organizer) permission sets will now have permissions to the following objects. This allows for features like clone, recurring events, and others to function properly. Update your custom permission sets at your discretion:
    • Read - Payment Gateways - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
    • Create/Read/Update - Relationship Settings - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
    • Create/Read/Update - Data Dictionary Group - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
    • Create/Read/Update - Data Dictionary Entry - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
    • Create/Read/Update - Code - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
    • Create/Read/Update - Code Eligibility - Will still require a Blackthorn Payments License to access.
  • Event Wizard Enhancements
    • When users make the selection of Simple during the Look & Feel step of the Event Wizard they'll notice the Sessions and Speakers steps are not available. We've updated the user experience because the Simple UI doesn't allow for Sessions and Speakers. Check out our documentation for what's supported with each UI.
    • Support for defining Default Values at the Field Level.
    • Lookups now show the recent records - limited to 5 most recent records.
    • Lookup search has been enhanced. Instead of searching by "Begins With" text, it will now search for any text within the name.
  • When creating Recurring Events, it is now possible to clone Event Keywords. Please manually update the Clone Related Child Records picklist field with value for 'Event Keywords'.
  • While creating a new Email Template on an Event record the user is now able to see the Event record name associated with existing Email Templates when using the "New from Template" lookup.
  • When adding attendees via Campaign And Event Sync, the Campaign Member's Status field will now correspond to the Registration Status on the Attendee record.
    • Updating the Campaign Member Status will now sync to the Attendee Registration Status.
  • Many fields have been deprecated from the Attendee record this release. These fields will continue to be supported, but we suggest updating any flows, process builders, workflow rules, page layouts and email templates to use the updated fields. This includes the following fields:
    • conference360__First_Name__c > conference360__First_Name2__c
    • conference360__Last_Name__c > conference360__Last_Name2__c
    • conference360__Phone__c > conference360__Phone2__c
    • conference360__Email__c > conference360__Email2__c

Bug Fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The "Back" arrow to navigate to the Event Group will now appear when using the Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: Text color for the Text(30,000) Form Element will now display as black rather than gray while using the Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: When adding a URL to the Custom CSS Url field on the Event Group for the Aspen UI, users will now notice their CSS is being injected into the Event Group properly.
  • Fixed: When embedding an event item, fixed an issue where the footer of the page would "flicker".
  • Fixed: Google Tag Manager will now work in Safari browsers.
  • Fixed: When applying a Forms / Form Elements to an event, if an answer is long the text will now wrap to the next line, instead of applying an elipses.
  • Fixed: When an attendee registered for an event through an AttendeeLink, there was no "Registration Successful" message.
  • Fixed: When adding Form Element Conditionals to a Form Elements, previously they would appear "out of order" on the front end.
  • Fixed: When defining the Category field on an Event record, it would show the API name instead of the Value defined in Setup.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Event Wizard Fixes:
    • Fixed: While using the Event Wizard to create events there were instances when the Event Start Time and Event End Time did not match the same fields on the Event record that was created. We've updated the logic to convert the time value and ensure it matches the user's org defined time.
    • Fixed: Added a toast message to the Event Wizard if an event is unable to be cloned.
    • Fixed: When cloning events using the Event Wizard, the "Look and Feel" section will now be properly cloned.
    • Fixed: When adding fields to the Event Wizard field set, Required fields will now properly respect the requirement before moving to the next page in the wizard.
    • Fixed: Session Name text will now appear as black, instead of red.
    • Fixed: The Event Wizard will now respect fields marked as Required when adding in new fields to the Event Wizard field set.
    • Fixed: Sales Start TimeSales End TimeSales Start Date and Sales End Date fieldset fields to function properly in the Event Wizard.
  • Fixed: When users without the Events Admin Permission Set assigned clicked the Authorize the App button on the Events Admin tab, they noticed registration errors and Blackthorn Log records being generated. To prevent the negative outcome of this action we've restricted access to the Events Admin tab to exclude those users who do not have Events Admin permissions. Read our Authorize Events documentation to find out more about authorizing events.
  • Fixed: You may have noticed that when deleting a Form Element record that a related Form Element Condition was still appearing. We've updated our logic so when a parent Form Element is deleted the Form Element child records that were connected with conditions will also be deleted.
  • Fixed: Enabled reports for the following objects: Form, Form Element, Speaker, Webinar Account, Keyword, Event Keywords, Big List Group, Big List Option, Badge Configuration, and Form Element Condition.
  • Fixed: When using the Attendee Registration Lightning ComponentForms and Form Elements will now be submitted to the attendee record properly.
  • Fixed: Sort ordering for Form Elements has been addressed. Form Elements will now be arranged in the proper sort order, with Form Element Conditionals nested within the respective Form Element.
  • Fixed: When using multiple Event Groups groups, fixed a caching issues that would apply the parameters between the different groups.
  • Fixed: Using the 'Add to Webinar/Meeting' button on the Attendee record would previously trigger a SOQL error.
  • Fixed: When selecting an Email Template to send to your attendees via Email Template Builder, the Email Template field should have less issues selecting a template.
  • Fixed: Recurring Events were previously not cloning child records (Event Item, Sessions, Speakers, etc.) when using the Generate button or waiting for the nightly batch job.
  • Fixed: When using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component and registering a Person Account, previously the Event Item Purchase was not populating correctly on the Person Account record.
  • Fixed: When using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component, several errors were fixed that caused attendees not to be created. This applies for creating new attendees as well as existing attendees related to Person Accounts.
  • Fixed: Campaign And Event Sync, Auto-Sync will now work when attendees are related to Person Accounts. Previously, the sync would not function properly, and a campaign member would not be created.
  • Fixed: A bug when using Keep One Open Recurring Events method that prevented new events from being created.
  • Fixed: Certain Process Builder jobs were causing an Apex Error: Too Many Queueable Jobs. This was introduced by the improvements to caching and has been addressed by adding additional limits before setting up the job automatically.
  • Fixed: When using the Update Picklists button on the Events | Admin page, the Timezone field will now update appropriately on the Event object.