March 2022 - Version 3.56
  • 19 Sep 2022
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March 2022 - Version 3.56

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

REQUIRED: The Candy Shop link must be used to upgrade the June release for Events.

The Candy Shop is open! This is your one-stop shop for installs and upgrades. To visit the Blackthorn Candy Shop page, go here.


Important Update

Blackthorn Events now supports Products and Donations at Checkout, and our Static Translations feature for multi-language Events is now in Beta.

Front End

  • When selecting Event Items, the Quantity selector will now always display to the left of the Event Item Price. This change ensures the Quantity selectors for all Event Items are aligned even if the Event has a mix of free and paid Event Items.

  • If a Session does not have a Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time, the space where they would be located will be be removed from the checkout layout.

  • If a Zoom account has already been authorized via a Webinar Account record in one org and a user tries to authorize it in a different org, the updated error message will say, “It looks like you are already authenticated to use the Zoom Integration. Please navigate to to uninstall Blackthorn Events.”

Back End

  • When a user installs Blackthorn Events via Candy Shop, we now automatically assign the Blackthorn Events Admin and Blackthorn Payments Admin Permission Sets to the installing user.

  • A new Event Setting has been added to allow an Event Admin to block an Attendee from creating duplicate registrations with the same email address. If a duplicate email address is used, the checkout process cannot be completed.

  • Salesforce developers are now able to access a global method to use Blackthorn's SendGrid integration to send email from a custom component.

    New Method:

1 conference360.EmailService.sendEmailToAttendees(Id orgWideAddressId, Id eventId, String emailTemplateId,Set<Id> attIdSet);
2 orgWideAddressId => Id for org wide email address record
3 eventId - Id of the event
4 emailTemplateId - Id of the email_template__c record
5 attIdSet -> Id of attendee to whom the email needs to be sent

The following is a sample that can be used in a dev console. Replace with correct Id

Set<Id> attIdSet = new Set<Id>{'a0n1F000002MK8KQAW'};
Id orgWideAddressId = '0D21F000000CdMTSA0';
Id eventId='a1B1F000001tISSUA2';
String emailTemplateId='a0w1F000001T6kYQAS'; conference360.EmailService.sendEmailToAttendees(orgWideAddressId,eventId,emailTemplateId,attIdSet);
  • In the Event Wizard, the label “Tickets” has been changed to “Event Items”.

  • The Require At Least One Ticket To Publish field is a new field on the Event Settings object, that will be set to “Yes” by default.

  • When the field is set to “Yes”, publishing the Event is blocked until at least one Event Item (Event Item of type Ticket) is created.

  • When the field is set to “No”, this rule is ignored, and the Event can be published at any time.

  • The Create New Event Item button on the Event Item screen has been changed from white to blue.

The following updates will occur when adding Sessions during the checkout process.
  • If there are no Track values available, the Track filter will not be visible.
  • If there are no Topic values, the Topic filter will not be visible.
  • The Search Bar will be visible only if there are 20 or more Sessions to choose from.
  • The "Clear Filter" option will only be available when a value is selected for that filter.

Products and Donations

  • The new field, conference360__Donation_Amounts2__c, has been added to the Event Item object.
  • Users can now add Products and Donations, two types of Event Item, to an Event. To add a Product or Donation Event Item, follow the steps below.


To use the Event Wizard to add Products, a type of Event Item, to your Event, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to the Event Wizard.
  2. Click Event Items.
  3. Scroll down to the Product section and click New.
  4. In the New Product window, add the following information.
    • Product Name (required)
    • Description (optional)
    • Add Image (optional)
    • Set Price (required)
  5. Click Save.


To use the Event Wizard to add Donations, a type of Event Item, to your Event, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to the Event Wizard.
  2. Click Event Items.
  3. Scroll down to the Donations section and click New.
  4. In the New Donation window, add the following information.
    • Title (required)
    • Description (optional)
    • Add Image (optional)
    • Custom Questions (optional)
    • Set Amounts (required)
  5. Click Save.

Translations Object

  • Translations is a new object that has been added to the Base Package. The Translation object is available in Events and is an alternative to using the Google API. Additional functionality will be added in future versions.

  • The Base Package includes the Translation object and Language field, where users can choose a language from a picklist to translate their text into.

  • Two new Permission Sets that grant access to the Translation object are now available.

    • Label Name: Blackthorn | Base (Admin) - Full permissions to all Base Package objects and functionality
    • Label Name: Blackthorn | Base (User) - Create, Read, Edit, Delete but not Modify All on select Base Package objects and fields
  • If an Event Admin tries to create a duplicate Translation record from a related record with the same Language, they will be unable to save the record and will receive the following error message. “Only one Translation record can be created per parent record and language, such as one Translation per Session’s or Event Item’s language.”

Bug Fixes

Front End

  • Previously when a user viewed the Event Group page with Location disabled in the browser and clicked the Distance filter, two error messages would appear. Now only one warning message will appear.

  • When the UI Experience is set to “Simple”, the Event image in the Event Page URL will now correctly resize itself so the max-width of the image becomes the same size as the max-width of the parent container.

  • When adding a domain to the Allowlist Domains section under Blackthorn | Events Admin, the New and Save buttons will be visible regardless of screen size.

  • During an Event registration, when a registering Attendee clicks the Country picklist and presses a specific letter key to look for a country that starts with that letter, the dropdown list will display the the first country that starts with the pressed letter.

  • The following fields and buttons in the Event Page URL and checkout process will now be translated when the UI Experience is set to “Tabbed”:

    • Precheckout Details field
    • Checkout Details field
    • View All button on the Sessions tab
    • Session Description, Topic, and Type fields in the Session’s Details
  • During checkout, a registrant can now successfully navigate forward and backwards between screens when using the path icons (breadcrumbs) located at the top of the screen.

  • When tickets for more than one Attendee are added to a cart and the required information is entered for all Attendees but one, the ticket with the missing information can be deleted and the checkout process can be completed.

  • When users select Norwegian in the language selector on the Event Page URL, they will see the correct translation.

  • In the Full-Width UI, when an Attendee starts the check-out process for an Event Item that is not on sale yet, the warning, "Event Item not available for checkout" will now be displayed.

  • When there is a Sponsors List on an Event page, the list will always be sorted in alphabetical order and is not case sensitive.

  • After an invited Attendee redeems an Event Item via an AttendeeLink and successfully checks out, the AttendeeLink Registration Page will correctly pre-populate with the Attendee’s information and update the existing Attendee.

  • The following changes have been made to prevent an Attendee from being added to a Zoom meeting or webinar as a cohost. If the integration between Events and Zoom fails to automatically register an Attendee with the Zoom, the AttendeeLink will revert to a generic “join” link instead of the link used by the host. Zoom may also require the Attendee to enter their name/register when joining the meeting.

Back End

  • To ensure confirmation emails display the characters of languages other than English, such as Russian or Chinese characters, the encoding on email template has been changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.

  • The conditional default value defined in a child Form Element will now populate correctly when a user registers for an Event from the Event Page URL in the Tabbed, Full-Width, and Simple user interfaces.

  • When using the Simple UI, custom Form Elements will now display on the Event registration page even if none of the standard Attendee Form questions are configured as visible on the Event Item.

  • A user with the Blackthorn | Events (Organizer) permission set is now able to create, edit, and save an email template and send an email without receiving an error message.

  • The ACT_YES and ACT_NO translation keys are now supported in the AttendeeLink's Cancel Registration Debug Mode.

  • When the Create Opportunity From Checkout field is enabled and a new Attendee is registered for an Event, the Attendee’s Account and Contact information will automatically be added to the newly created Opportunity.

  • When a user enables Re-Captcha Enabled on their Event Settings for a Free Event, the reCaptcha field will be displayed and users will be able to complete the reCaptcha process.

  • If the Show Success Message option is selected and there is a URL in the Redirect URL field, the user will now be redirected to the Success Message once registration is complete.

  • If the Salesforce setting State and Country/Territory Picklists and the Event Settings object Relationship Settings are enabled, users will no longer see the following Blackthorn Log error post registration. ”Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.: Mailing Country: [MailingCountry]”.

  • When registering a large number of Attendees for an Event, the user will no longer receive the following Blackthorn Log Errors: EventItemService.calculateRollups and EventService.rollupAttendees. The Event Item roll-ups will also calculate without any errors.

  • A Session’s Attendance Summaries will update with the correct Registered, Attended, No Show, and Canceled quantities based on the number of Attendees who registered, attended, or canceled.

Field, Object, and Layout Changes

New Fields

  • The new field, conference360__Donation_Amounts2__c, has been added to the Event Item object.

  • The Require At Least One Ticket To Publish field has been added to the Event Settings object.

The Event Item Purchase object and its related fields have been deprecated.

Mobile Check-In App

  • The following changes were made to the Badge Settings for the Mobile Check-In App.

    • The Attendee’s “First Name” and “Last Name” will populate with the information in the conference360_First_Name2_c and conference360_Last_Name2_c fields.
    • The Attendee’s “Title” will appear on the badge if it’s available. The title’s visibility can also be controlled by the Badge Settings.
    • The Badge profile image will appear on the left hand side for landscape mode and on the top for portrait mode.
    • The Badge fields (First Name, Last Name, Title, Company) and their font size can be adjusted in Badge Settings to prevent overflow.
    • The alphabet selector for scrolling to a specific Attendee or section was added to the Attendee listing and Session Attendee listing pages.
  • The Badge Settings page in the Mobile Check-in App allows users to determine general settings and field visibility.

    • General
      • Length Unit
      • Page Width
      • Page Height
      • Orientation
    • Field
      • Company
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Title
      • QR Code
      • Profile Image
  • The following updates were made to the Attendee details page in the Mobile Check-in App.

    • The Check Out button has been changed to Undo Check In.
    • The text, “Event Start Date”, has been changed to “Event Start Date & Time”.
    • The dash between the start date and the time has been changed to a comma.
  • After an Attendee registers for an Event, the Attendee Details screen will contain the following information:

    • Attendee Name
    • Attendee Email
    • Ticket Name
    • Event Name
    • Event Start Date & Time
  • The button at the bottom of the screen will be one of the two options:

    • Check In if the Attendee hasn’t checked in yet.
    • Undo Check In if the Attendee has already checked in.

We’ve added a new Apex class to avoid a common cause of confusion around Event authorization in a newly refreshed partial or full sandbox. This class will reset the authorization components in the newly refreshed sandbox so users are aware that authorization has not yet been completed. Users will need to add the BTEventsPostSandboxRefresh class to the sandbox refresh process for this reset capability.

Admin Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade Events to the newest version, go to the Blackthorn Candy Shop.

Blackthorn has adopted Salesforce’s managed package installer to simplify the installation process.

Since Payments is already installed, the installer will install Base Package and make sure the correct version of Payments is installed before installing Events.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.


From now until 04/06/22, the directions below will teach you how to test the new front-end features, enhancements, and bug fixes until they are automatically pushed.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.