Line Items

Creating Line Items for your Invoices.

Create one-off items or items that reference Salesforce Products and Price Books.

  • One-off Line Items
    One-off Line Items let you quickly create an item or a group of items that are only invoiced once and are not a regular product.

  • Products Referenced Line items
    Line Items that reference a Product and Price Book record.


We suggest using the product and price book fields if you are going to create Invoices from standard Salesforce objects like Opportunities or Orders as those records already relate to Products.

Adding line items to your Order or Invoice

  1. Navigate to your Order or Invoice record and next to the "Line Items" related list, click New.

  2. Set the values for:

  • Item Name required
  • Service Start Date optional
  • Service End Date optional
  • Description optional
  • Unit Price required
  • Quantity required
    If the Quantity field is left blank, the default value is 1.
  • Tax Rate optional
  • Discount Code optional
    If a Discount Code has been created, define the record here.
  1. Additional Discount Amount and Additional Discount Percentage
  • You can define these fields manually or they will automatically be defined when setting a Discount Code.
    • For example, if you define a Discount Code that provides $10.00 off, the Additional Discount Amount field will show $10.00.
    • If a Discount Code is not defined, you can manually enter a one-off discount in either field.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Repeat the above process for all Line Items.

  2. Render the completed order or invoice through DocumentLink
    Now that you have added all Line Items to your Order or Invoice, click here to learn how DocumentLink works so that you can send this Invoice to your customer.

Using Salesforce Products and Price Books

Setting the Product and Price Book fields on a Line Item will automatically copy values from those related records onto some Line Item fields when the record is saved. Both Product and Pricebook are optional fields. If a Product is set on the Line Item but not a Pricebook, our logic will set the Standard Pricebook in the Pricebook field.

Whenever a Line Item is saved:

  • Values are pulled from the related Product and set on Item Name, Code and Description if the Line Item field is blank.

  • Values are pulled from the Pricebook Entry (based on the related Pricebook and Product) and set on List Unit Price and Unit Price if the Line Item field is blank.
    None of these Line Item fields will not be updated from the related Product or Pricebook once they are set.

This allows you to easily create Invoice Line Items from objects that use Salesforce Product and Pricebook while also providing the flexibility to set Line Item fields manually or from some other custom process.

Initial Setup: Add the Product, Price Book, and List Unit Price fields to your Line Item page layout.
Lightning -> Navigate to setup - search for "Object Manager" - type in and select "Line Items" - edit the Page Layout and add the three fields.
Classic -> Navigate to setup - search for "Objects" - type in and select "Line Items" - edit the Page Layout and add the three fields.

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