June 2021 - Version 3.27
  • 13 Jul 2022
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June 2021 - Version 3.27

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Upgrade Notice

Starting with the June 2021 release, we will require all customers to be no more than 3 versions behind the latest version. We'll start reaching out to customers in April that are more than 3 versions behind.

Event Caching

Over the last few months, we've been doing our best to improve the caching experience for all users. Through a significant amount of development work, testing, and cases submitted by you, we believe we're finally at the end of these issues. We thank you all very much for your patience through these growing pains. Please read our Event Caching documentation to learn more about caching.

Please keep in mind - you will need to be on the latest version to take advantage of the caching updates.

Breaking Changes

  1. Removed the Field Set Event Builder Event Fields from the package. This Field Set was no longer being used by the Event Wizard. Please make sure you are using the Blackthorn | Events Wizard Event Fields Field Set.
  2. If a NULL value was defined for Waitlist Capacity on an Event Item record please update the value to 99999 or similar to keep an unlimited number of waitlisted attendees. To learn more, read our documentation here.
  3. Several label fields have been removed from the Event Item object. Please see here for more info.

New Features

Stripe Checkout is now supported on Blackthorn Events! Stripe Checkout supports 25+ languages, 135+ currencies, and dynamically shows the payment methods for different countries making it easy for attendees all over the globe to register and pay for events!


Back End Enhancements

  • Added a new Scheduled Job to mark all events that are 1 year or older as Completed and Unpublished. See our Scheduled Jobs for more information. This change will help reduce caching issues.
  • Added functionality for the Reply To feature in Blackthorn Enhanced Emails.
  • Removed the SoundCloud component from the Event Wizard.
  • Added the Distance field to the Filter Fields values in Event Groups. Check out our documentation to learn more!

Bug Fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The error page when an event is unpublished or inaccessible has been updated with new terminology.
  • Fixed: The Hint field will now work correctly for Post Event Surveys.
  • Fixed: When viewing events in community on mobile, the language selector has been removed and will now rely on the language of the community.
  • Fixed: When a conditional question was marked required, but the answer the attendee gave in the parent question did not trigger the subsequent question to become visible, we noticed the user was not able to complete registration. The user should now be able to proceed with registration when the conditional question is not triggered.
  • Fixed: When using Big List Groups some users were seeing duplicate front end values routed to the same record in Salesforce. Duplicate values will no longer appear in the front end picklist.
  • Fixed: When using TouchNet and Pay Later, previously there was bug that rerouted Pay Later payments to the TouchNet checkout.
  • Fixed: When authenticated users log in via Iframes, the Add Myself button will now appear.
  • Fixed: When navigating the Calendar Event Group type, if an attendee clicks on an event, and the navigates back to the calendar, their search settings will be saved.
  • Fixed: When an attendee's Registration Status = Pending, they will no longer be counted towards the event capacity.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When creating a webinar linked to Zoom and the event Description field is over 2,000 characters in Salesforce, this will no longer throw an error when creating the event. Now, it will limit the description in Zoom to 2,000, or use the Short Description field.
  • Fixed: When using the Email Template Builder, some users were seeing a Cannot Read Property of undefined error preventing the ability to save and create email templates.
  • Fixed: Updated the Help Text on the Confirmation Email field on the Event object to reflect the expected behavior.
  • Fixed: Some users experienced issues when attempting to clone an Event record using the Clone button. We found that when a user adds an additional related list item to the page layout the clone feature was displaying a blank modal. We've updated our logic to retrieve relationship names dynamically to prevent this from occurring.
  • Fixed: Removed the field requirement for Question on the Divider Form Element. This will allow users to use a divider without having to add any questions.
  • Fixed: When using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component it is now possible to cancel an attendee's registration.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to register Guest ticket types through the Attendee Registration Lightning Component.
  • Fixed: While creating Form Element records of type Checkbox users noticed they were not able to edit the condition of the checkbox labeled Default Checkbox Value. When clicking Edit on the Form Element record users will now be able to set Default Checkbox Value to either TRUE or FALSE.
  • Fixed: When using the Email Template Builder, when resizing the browser window to be smaller, there will now be a prompt informing users that the screen resolution is too small.
  • Fixed: When scheduling a Zoom Meeting (not Webinar), registration on Zoom will no longer be required by default.
  • Event Wizard fixes:
    • Fixed: Previously the Event Wizard would not allow adding any Speakers to a Session that was created before the Speaker.
    • Fixed: A bug that was sporadically preventing Email Templates to be cloned through the Event Wizard.
    • Fixed: When creating an event via the Clone feature in the Event Wizard, the event will no longer be created until using one of the Save buttons.
    • Fixed: The Event Wizard component for adding Attendees was displaying an incorrect message when adding Campaigns. We've modified the message at the top of the modal to reflect the number of people added. Users will now see a message similar to the following: "Adding X Attendees".
    • Fixed: When selecting a recurring instance of either Every Weekday (Monday-Friday) or Every Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) the resulting Event records were actually showing a monthly cadence. Users should now see recurring dates reflected appropriately.
    • Fixed: When creating Recurring Events from the Event Wizard, all related objects will now clone properly.
    • Fixed: When cloning an Event record from the Event Wizard the condition from the Featured Event checkbox was not being carried over to the new Event record. This has been resolved.

New Fields/Layouts

  • The FAQ Category field has been deprecated. Please use the Category field moving foward.
  • Added the Distance field to the Filter Fields category on the Event Group object.
  • The following Event Item fields have been deprecated. Please use Data Dictionary / Translations to manage these labels moving forward.
    • Company Label
    • Country Label
    • Full Name Label
    • Phone Label
    • Address Label
    • Email Label
    • Title Label
  • The following Attendee fields have been deprecated. Please update these values and any process builder/flows/workflow rules/email templates/page layouts with the new values from the Fields & Relationships tab in Setup.
    • conference360__First_Name__c > conference360__First_Name2__c
    • conference360__Last_Name__c > conference360__Last_Name2__c
    • conference360__Phone__c > conference360__Phone2__c
    • conference360__Email__c > conference360__Email2__c