July 2021 - Version 3.30
  • 18 Jul 2022
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July 2021 - Version 3.30

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Breaking Changes

In this update, we introduced a change to the Email Template Builder that updates static resources to use standard merge language. You will need to "upgrade" your email templates to support this, or else they will not function properly. Please navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab > Upgrade > Update Email Templates.


Front End Enhancements

  • Speakers, FAQs, and Waitlisting are now supported on the Full-Width UI!

Back End Enhancements

  • The ability for users to allowlist domains has been added. If you have previously reached out to Blackthorn Support to allowlist a domain, those domains will still be in place.
  • Record Types are now supported on the Event Wizard! On the Start page, you will now see a picklist value to choose a record type.
  • When an organization has more than 3,000 events active at one time, we're implementing a batch job to automatically update the Status = Complete and Publish = False. The Blackthorn Events Admin Tab is used to schedule this job, using the Schedule Recommended Event Jobs button. This will only affect Events where the End Date is in the past.
  • When an Event Item Quantity Available = NULL, this value will now update to an unlimited number of tickets.
    • Note: This will show as 999,999 in Salesforce on the Event Item, but unlimited on the Event page

Bug Fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Big List Groups causing an failed to call sfdc api: POST error upon checkout.
  • Fixed: Free Events were failing checkout when a Payment Gateway value was NULL.
  • Fixed: BlueJeans streaming service will now allow the ability to use a microphone and webcam.
  • Fixed: The Preview button will now work with any Event Status value.
  • Fixed: Visibility Controls were not being reflected in a timely manner when viewing Events available for registration. The updates should now be reflected within the 30 seconds.
  • Fixed: Attendees were seeing the option to Join Waitlist before all of the available tickets were sold out. Attendees will now only see Join Waitlist after the Total Capacity has been met.
  • Fixed: The sort order of Conditional Questions was not working as expected. Conditional Questions should now appear in order set on Form Preview.
  • Fixed: When an Attendee chooses not to attend on their AttendeeLink, their registration status will now be updated to Declined.
  • Fixed: If Cookies are enabled in your org, the "Acceptance Message" will now change based on the language an attendee selects.
  • Fixed: If all Event Item Attendee fields are set to Hidden, it will now appear as an Anonymous Checkout. An attendee will not need to fill in any attendee or contact information.
  • Fixed: When an event group has many keywords or categories, the text will no longer overlap.
  • Fixed: When entering in 255 characters in the Short Description field for an event, the text will no longer truncate.
  • Fixed: Attendees with Status = Pending are now able to register when Event Status = Sold Out, Waitlist Closed.
  • Fixed: reCAPTCHA will no longer block paid checkouts.
  • Fixed: Canceled sessions will no longer appear on the Attendeelink and Registration pages.
  • Fixed: The State field will now be captured when an attendee registers for an event.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Updated the text in the Publish Component on the Event page to include more intuitive language. Now the user will see "Most changes are automatically published to update the Event. Clicking Update confirms all changes that have been made since publishing are applied."
  • Fixed: Updated the help text on the Status field located on the Session object. It now reads "The status of this Session. Set to Active for it to be visible."
  • Fixed: On the Attendee object there is a field labeled Not Paid. This field was not being set automatically as expected. We've made an update to support this field for Event Record Submissions. When an Attendee registers, the Event Item is set to Free = FALSE, and Payment Type = Pay Later then we mark the checkbox Not Paid = TRUE.
  • Fixed: The Blackthorn Events (Limited Access) permission set to include CRE (Create, Read, Edit) access for all Attendee and Event fields.
  • Fixed: When using the Email Template Builder and cloning email templates with the same name, an error will no longer appear and cloning will be possible.
  • Fixed: With the implementation of our caching fixes, a Cannot have more than 10 chunks in a single operation error was introduced. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed: When using AttendeeLink in connection with multiple Event Items (Main Ticket/ Guest Ticket) the Registered count was not being updated as expected. Event Registration Submission processing has been updated to make sure that all the events will be added in the rollup job.
  • Fixed: The Update Picklists button located on the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab was not adding all of the suggested values to the Clone Related Child Records field. The Clone Related Child Records field has been updated so that it is not restricted to allow the picklist update action to work properly.
  • Fixed: Users were noticing that when the Donations package was installed sometimes duplicate Transactions were occurring with a paid event checkout. The issue has been addressed in the Donations package.
  • Fixed: When using Customized Blackthorn Events Domain in a Community, the "Add to Calendar" button after an attendee registers will now link to the custom domain.
  • Fixed: When using the Email Template Builder, when emails are sent via email alerts the merge fields will now populate correctly.
  • Fixed: When searching for a Contact or Lead when using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component, the attendee information will now automatically populate on the form.
  • Fixed: When an attendee has been added to the Attendee Registration Lightning Component, clicking the "X" button to cancel adding the attendee will no longer cause a component error.
  • Event Wizard fixes:
    • Fixed: While using the Quick Save button inside of the Event Wizard there were times when Recurring Event records were getting duplicated. We've updated our logic to initiate record creation at a different point in the order of execution.
    • Fixed: When creating Recurring Events, the dates formula has been recalculated to schedule the recurring events at the appropriate time.
    • Fixed: Added a toast message when there are errors creating Recurring Events.
    • Fixed: If an event is saved and closed while using the Event Wizard, once a user navigates back to the wizard, it'll prompt the user to create a new event instead of populating data from the previous event.

New Fields/Layouts

  • The AttendeeLink URL field has been deprecated in this release.
  • The FAQ Category field has been deleted in this release.
  • The following Event Item fields have been deleted in this release:
    • Company Label
    • Country Label
    • Phone Label
    • Email Label
    • Dietary Preference Label
    • Address Label
    • Title Label
    • Full Name Label