January 2021 - Version 3.11
  • 13 Jul 2022
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January 2021 - Version 3.11

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Happy New Year!

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday break. Our team enjoyed some much-needed rest. We did a lot in 2020 and can't wait for you to see and experience what we deliver in 2021. It's going to be a great year.

A few items to mention: Please Read

  • Install the upgrade into a sandbox and test before upgrading production.
  • Read all the releases that you are jumping over. The release notes and their versions can be found on the left-hand side, under "Release Notes and Webinar Recordings."
  • Read the below Feature, Enhancement, and Bug sections before upgrading.
Front end change

If you have defined the "Short Description" field on any events that are part of a public event group, those descriptions will show up with the front-end updates. Please add, update, or remove the descriptions immediately.

If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.


Salesforce Admins - One more way to empower your event planners!

Dynamic Event URLs in Communities

If you’re using Salesforce Communities to show your events and you’re constantly changing the events displayed on the backend (in communities), your events will now automatically update. Prior to this update, admins would have to manually change which events display in the community. Find out more below!

Salesforce Communities Dynamic URL - Watch Video



Front End Enhancements

Front end enhancements will be automatically pushed live on 1/20/21, no action is needed here. If you would like to test any front end enhancements, please see the testing section.

  • The Event Keywords feature is now supported with the "List" view in Event Groups.
  • The Short Description from the Event record will now appear on the Event Group listing.
  • When Quantity Available and Quantity Remaining were defined on the Event record, all Event Item quantities would display the Quantity Available on the front end.

Bug Fixes

Back End Bug Fixes

Back end bug fixes are updates made on the Blackthorn managed package in Salesforce. In order to get access to the fixes, you'll need to upgrade through the appexchange.

  • Fixed: Recurring Events were previously throwing an error when attempting to create a recurring event with fields that were not part of the deep clone fieldset. No changes required for any user.
  • Fixed: The Preview button on the Event record. It was previously not functioning if Published = Unchecked.
  • Fixed: When moving an attendee from one ticket to another, the Quantity Available and Quantity Remaining rollup fields will now update for each ticket.
  • Fixed: When an attendee cancels their registration, the Quantity Available and Quantity Remaining fields will now update correctly. Previously if an attendee canceled their registeration, these fields would not update on the backend, causing front end issues regarding waitlisting and total quantity available.
  • Fixed: When the Form Submission batch job ran, Blackthorn Log errors were being created with the error FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, this has been addressed and will no longer flag errors.
  • Fixed: When searching for events in the Attendee Registration Lightning Component events will now load in order by date.

Front End Bug Fixes

Front end bug fixes will be automatically pushed live on 1/20/21, no action is needed here. If you would like to test any front end bug fixes, please see the below testing section.

  • Fixed: Paid events were showing a 'Free' label instead of Sale Ended when the sale period was over, where no attendees registered for the event.
  • Fixed: Few UI bugs with waitlisting.
  • Fixed: When an event item (ticket) was waitlisted, attendees were not able to sign up for that specific ticket.
  • Fixed: Attendees registering through the Ash UI template from an AttendeeLink or Community will now have their information prefilled on the registration form!
  • Fixed: Capitalization issue with LBL_SECTION_PRICING when using the Data Dictionary / Translations.
  • Fixed: Yahoo calendar showing incorrect event ending time
  • Fixed: Indonesian and Vietnamese languages through the Data Dictionary / Translations.
  • Added the ability to change the Pay Later text through the Data Dictionary / Translations.

What's Next