PayLink is our beautiful, mobile-responsive payment request, add-on. For every Transaction that's created, a unique link (PayLink) is created. This link can be rolled up to your Transaction parent, such as Opportunities, as well as automatically emailed to your customer.

Supported Payment Methods:

  • Cards
  • ACH (automated clearing house)

Payments can be processed in over 100+ currencies. List of Supported Currencies

PayLink is mobile responsive, which means it automatically adjusts the sizing, layout, and proportions to display properly on any device.

If accepting ACH (Bank Account) for payment in PayLink, our system will detect an identical Bank Account that already exists in Salesforce for the customer and will re-use that ACH Payment Method instead of creating a new Payment Method record. This is done because Stripe does not allow duplicate Bank Accounts for a customer.


Getting Started

Follow our Payments quick start instructions and install PayLink from the setup wizard.

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