Initial Setup


Name Update

All references to “Offers” in the Event Wizard have been changed to “Tickets” to align with most commonly used terminology for “Event Items”.

The Event Wizard was created to simply create and launch a professional registration presence for any event with little time and effort.

Required Permissions


Permissions required for the Event Wizard...

We recommend using the Blackthorn Events (Admin) OR Blackthorn Events (Organizer) permission set. If you cannot assign either of these permission sets to users, please make sure users have Create, Read, and Edit access to the following objects and all related fields in the objects.

  • Event
  • Event Settings
  • Recurring Event
  • Webinar Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Forms
  • Speaker
  • Session Speaker
  • Sessions
  • Attendee
  • ContentVersion(Files)
  • Read access to the Blackthorn Event Wizard tab in Object settings

Read Access to the following:

  • Contact
  • Account
  • Lead
  • Reports

Apex Class Access to the following:

  • EventWizardController

Ensure Email Deliverability is accessible for your users (for the "Give Feedback" button):

  • In Lightning Experience: Setup | Administration | Email | Deliverability, verify access level is set to 'All emails'
  • 'Respect SendEmail API' and 'SendEmail API.'

Additional Configuration

The Event Wizard can be launched from the App Launcher. If you want to make updates to an existing event through the wizard, please add the "Wizard" button to the Event Page layout.


If you are unable to make a new record and need to, please contact your administrator for additional permissions.

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