Restrict Capacity

Capacity can be set on either the event or ticket.


Important Total Capacity Setting

To prevent an Event with multiple event items from incorrectly stating that it is sold out when one event item reaches capacity, but the other event item has unlimited tickets available, the Total Capacity must be set either on the Event Level OR the Event Item Level.

NOTE: The Total Capacity cannot be set on both the Event Item Level and the Event Level.


Ticket Capacity Rolls up to the Event

The event's total capacity is the sum of Quantity Available on all tickets. If the Quantity Available field on all the tickets is blank, then you can directly define the total capacity on the Event.

Restrict Capacity per Event

1. Edit your event record
2. Navigate to the Total Capacity field and define the Event's capacity number
3. Save

If your entire event only allows 100 people, set the capacity to 100. As attendees are registering, the Remaining Capacity field will automatically update you on how many more people can register.

Restrict Capacity per Ticket

1. Edit your ticket record
2. Navigate to the Quantity Available field and define the capacity number
3. Save
This also rolls up to the Event Record as Total Capacity.

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