Inviting Attendees
  • 03 May 2023
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Inviting Attendees

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Article Summary

Do you have a list of people that you want to invite to your Event?

You can add them as Attendee records. These Attendee records will generate an AttendeeLink; a unique link that you can send through Salesforce or any integrated email service. When the recipient clicks the link, they are brought to your Event page with a personal welcome message.

Best part? Their information is prefilled when selecting a Ticket. Cool huh?!

There are two ways that Attendee records can be created:

  • Manually create each Attendee record. <- quick way if you have a select few to invite.
  • Automatically create Attendee records through a process flow, Campaign And Event Sync, or process builder. <- efficient way if you have many Attendees that need to be invited.

For the instructions below, we will be manually creating one Attendee record to show you the process.

Create an Attendee Record

  1. Navigate to your Events Related Lists and click New next to Attendees.
  2. Either set the Contact or Lead lookup or create a new one.
    • Existing Contact or Lead Lookup: If the person you are inviting already has a Contact or Lead record in Salesforce, just set the respective lookup and click Save.
    • Create a new Contact or Lead: If the person you are inviting does not have a Contact or Lead record in Salesforce, define the "Attendee Info" fields and click Save.


  • Contact creation is based on your Salesforce matching/duplicate rules. The default matching logic references the Contacts or Leads first name, last name, and email. Click here for more information regarding our matching logic.
  • If you didn't define an Account, but did provide a Bucket Account for this Event in the Event Settings record, the new Contact will be added to that account.

Set the Registration Status to "Invited"

When setting the Registration Status to "Invited" (this can happen automatically with our Send Invite button), it tells the AttendeeLink to show the personal message and prefill the Attendee's information when they click on the link.

If you have activated our "Send Blackthorn | Event invite email" workflow, when the Registration Status is updated to "Invited", an email will be immediately sent to the Attendee.