Hotel Room Block Management

Need to manage room blocks for your attendees? Our Hotel Room Block and Hotel Bookings objects makes it easy to manage your room blocks and streamline the communication process with venues.

After creating your event, navigate to the related lists and create a new Hotel Room Block record.

Enter the name of the hotel, dates, and the Total Room Nights for the block. Click Save.
The Room Night Available field will automatically update based on the Total Room Nights and Room Nights Claimed.

Now when Attendees have registered for your event, you can create a Hotel Booking record for them.

Navigate to the Attendee record's related lists and click "new" next to the Hotel Bookings object.


Event Field

The event field will now automatically populate once you save the Hotel Booking record. Edit the Hotel Booking page layout, uncheck the required field for the Event field and then remove it from the page layout.

Enter in the arrival date, departure date, room cost, and room type details then click save.
The Contact, Total Room Cost, and the Number of Room Nights fields will automatically populate once you click save.

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