Google Tag Manager

Blackthorn Events supports Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics can provide a lot of the important insights you’re looking for, but when used alone, it does have limitations. By using Google Tag Manager in conjunction with Google Analytics, you’re able to collect much more data on attendees.

By clicking here you can see a full list of tags that are supported. We support everything within the 'Web' column.


If you are using Google Tag Manager...

Please reach out to Blackthorn Support to enable cookies for your attendees. This will ensure safety with data laws. By clicking here you can check out a video to see what your events would look like with this enabled.

To set up Google Tag Manager to work with Blackthorn Events, follow these steps!

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Company Info
  2. Add the Google Tag Manager ID field to your Company Info page layout.
  3. Add the Use for All Events field to your Company Info page layout.
    • This will allow Google Tag Manager to be enabled for all events within the org.
  1. Navigate to Google Tag Manager
  2. Navigate to the Admin Tab
  3. Copy your Google Tag Manager ID and paste it into the Google Tag Manager ID field on Company Info
  4. Make sure Use for All Events is checked.

That's all there is to it, you're now set up to use Google Tag Manager with Blackthorn Events!


If using GTM in an iframed scenario...

Please ensure your CSP restrictions allow to adding iframes from other domains. This will allow GTM to generates an iframe to do tracking on your site.
If you don't want to relax CSP rules, please add the following cross domain frames:

  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*

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