Go Live Checklist
  • 10 Aug 2022
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Go Live Checklist

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Article Summary

Have you explored all of Blackthorn Payments functionality and configurations before going live?

Blackthorn Payments allows you to begin accepting payments within minutes of installing our app. However, there are certain steps that you should follow before going live. The checklist below lists out those steps in detail.

[ ] Create a live mode Payment Gateway record.

When creating the Payment Gateway record, remember to set the Default checkbox to "True", ensuring that all live Transactions, Payment Methods, and Customers that get created are captured correctly.

If when you installed Blackthorn Payments and connected to your Stripe account in test mode, do not change your Payment Gateway record from Test to Live mode by clicking Connect to Gateway. Instead, create a new record for your Payment Gateway in live mode. Instructions here.

[ ] Create a live Webhook URL in Stripe.

If you already configured webhooks when testing, the majority of steps are completed except that you need to create a Webhook URL for your Stripe account in live mode. Copy your test Webhook URL and update it with the live mode Payment Gateway's Webhook Label value, then verify that the Webhook URL is working correctly.

[ ] Enable the correct Blackthorn Payments Permission Sets for your team.

There are three permission sets (Blackthorn | Payments (Manager), Blackthorn | Payments (Admin), and Blackthorn | Payments (User)) that you can assign your team members to. Each permission set provides a level of access to the Blackthorn Payments app. If need be, you can clone any of the permission sets to personalize the access based on your company's requirements.

[ ] Update your Account, Contact, and other parent objects' page layouts to include the Transaction, Payment Method, Payment Gateway Customer and Payment Schedule objects as Related Lists.

You'll notice that all the payment processing objects give you the option to relate the record to an existing Account, Contact, and/or other defined parent objects (which you should do!). Adding these objects as Related Lists gives you better visibility on payments for that particular Account, Contact, or Opportunity (example parent object) record.

[ ] Historical Sync of Stripe Data.

If you were a Stripe customer before installing Blackthorn Payments and have data in Stripe that needs to be in Salesforce, then use our Historical Sync process to bring Stripe Customers, Payment Methods, and Transactions (in that order) over. Remember, if you want existing Contacts to be related to your Stripe Customers, the two records' emails must match.

[ ] Verify Customizations.

Verify Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, Email Alerts, Process Builders, etc. are working correctly before going live.

Happy Processing!

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