Getting Started
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Getting Started

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Access for Event Managers

Unless you have a System Admin profile or were assigned the Blackthorn | Events (Admin) or Blackthorn | Events (Organizer) permission set, your Salesforce administrator will need to give you access to the Event Wizard.

The Event Wizard is accessible from your App Launcher.

  1. Open the App Launcher
  2. Type "Event Wizard" and select the Event Wizard tab.

Getting Started

This is where you'll define the following:

  • Record Type, if applicable.
    Note: Required fields will not be respected based upon Page Layout settings for the Record Type selected. If you have Record Types created, a prompt will appear to select the Record Type you'd like to use.
  • Event Name
  • Event Start Date and Event End Date
  • The Time Zone the Event will be hosted in.
  • If the event is recurring or not.

Alternatively, if you have an Event already created that you would like to clone, you can clone that Event.

Avoid Duplicate Events

To prevent custom recurring Event, that are cloned from an Event in the Event Wizard, from generating duplicate events, please complete the following fields under the Recurring field on the Event Wizard.

  • First Event Start Date
  • First Event Start Time
  • First Event End Date
  • First Event End Time

Look and Feel

Choosing an option here will display the layout of your Event page. This is what an Attendee will see when visiting the registration page.

  • Tabbed: our traditional checkout for free and paid Events
  • Simple: single page UI only for free Event
  • BYO-CSS: this is an alteration of our UI where you inject custom CSS to tweak the Event page to your liking.

What's Next