Welcome to Blackthorn Payments!

Blackthorn | Payments brings Stripe and Authorize.net to Salesforce, in a fully native package. We've built additional features to deliver the most advanced payment platform for Salesforce.

  • Process payments in a matter of minutes with our Setup Wizard.
  • Process cards and ACH with or without micro-deposit verification.
  • Process payments by phone with our Virtual Terminal.
  • Process mobile payments with our iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Send payment requests with our PayLink feature.
  • Stay PCI-Compliant using certain features of our app (see our doc on PCI Compliance for more information).
  • Connect multiple payment gateways.
  • Process in any currency.
  • Sync historical data.
  • Automatically update expired cards.
  • Payments can originate in your gateway or in Salesforce. If it is from your gateway, be sure to setup webhooks so the data flows from your gateway to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce editions supported: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, Developer, Force.com (App Cloud).

To get rolling, follow our Quick Start Guide to install and configure.

Updated 4 months ago

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Getting Started

Welcome to Blackthorn Payments!

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