Free Checkout Process

If you have created a Free Event, the steps below walks you through what an Attendee sees, and how it looks in your Salesforce org.


Keep in mind, all colors, images, and text you see is 100% customizable to your specific use case!

  1. An Attendee views your Event listing.
  1. They select the tickets they want to register for.
  1. The Attendee enters their information.
    Everything you see here can be changed as well for a fully customizable checkout, including the language options in the Data Dictionary.
  1. If available, add a Promo Code and click the Complete button.
  1. The Attendee receives a successful registration message! A thank you message and all the information needed to attend the Event will be sent to the Email the Attendee entered in the previous step.
Success MessageSuccess Message

Success Message

  1. Salesforce Users can view the related Attendee information.
  1. Attendee summaries and settings are also updated immediately.

This allows you to see how many people have registered for the Event, how many have attended or canceled, and what the remaining capacity is.

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