Form Questions
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Form Questions

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Creating Donation Form Questions is a great way to capture pertinent donor information. Responses from these questions can then be mapped to other records within Salesforce.

Update: Form Question Page Layout
  • If you are installing the Donations package for the first time, you will automatically see the updated field, donation360Picklist_Valuesc, on the Form Question page layout and do not need to make any changes.
  • If you have previously installed the Donations package and are upgrading it, you will need to manually update the page layouts to remove donation360Picklist_Values_Longc and add donation360Picklist_Valuesc.

Common Use Cases

  • Capture “In Memory/ Honor of” and mapping the value to the Opportunity "Honoree Name" Field.
  • Allowing your Donors to select a donation category to specify where they would like their donation to go towards.
  • Capture if the donor would like to be placed on a monthly mailing list to receive updates.

Completed Donation Form. Follow this link for setup instructions and video.

How to Create Donation Form Questions

  1. Navigate to your existing Donation Form.
  2. Scroll down to the Donation Form's related list.
  3. Select "New Form Question".
  4. Enter in the Form Question Fields.
  5. Select the Type.
    Supported data types: Date, Picklist, Multi-Select Picklist, Text, Boolean, Phone & Email.
  6. Click Save.

Example of Donation Form Question: Creation of Donor Question that maps to the Opportunity Honoree Name Field
T_02_02 form questions

Maps To (Field)

If you already have an existing field where you want to map the answer to, place the Name (Standard Field) or API Name (Custom Field) of the field into. Otherwise, you will need to create a custom field on the Object you would like to map the answer to.

Not sure where to find the Standard or Custom Field Name? See the FAQ.