Form Amounts
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Form Amounts

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  1. Creating Donation Form Amounts
  2. Preselecting Donation Form Amount

Creating Donation Form Amounts

  1. Navigate to your existing Donation Form.
  2. Scroll down to related lists.
  3. Select "New" under Form Amounts.
  4. Enter:
    • Amount: Donation Amount
    • Description: Description of this amount
    • Frequency: Select one of the pick list options (Both, One-time, Monthly)
  5. Click Save.

To add additional amounts, Click "Clone" on your Form Amount that you just saved, and update the values. See image below

T_02_01 Form amounts 1

  1. Navigate back to your Donation Form, and you will see all your Donation Form amounts under the related list.

T_02_01 Form amounts 2

Preselecting Donation Form Amount

Please have all Donation Form Amounts before preselecting a donation amount.
  1. Navigate to your Donation Form.
  2. Select "Edit."
  3. Under Step 1 - Amounts, navigate to "Preselected Amount."
  4. Click the search icon next to the field.
  5. Popup window will show all of your available amounts.

T_02_01 Form amounts 3

  1. Select the amount that you would like preselected on your Donation Form.
  2. Select "Save" on your Donation Form.
  3. If you view your Donation Form, you will see the preselect amount.

T_02_01 Form amounts 4

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