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  • 13 Jul 2022
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For Admins

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Custom Settings

Default controls for blackthorn | donations are controlled by a Custom Setting called "blackthorn | donations Settings". You can access this from Setup | Custom Settings | and click Manage next to blackthorn | donations Settings.

Each field has help text outlining the default handling.

Note: checkbox fields set to true by default will not appear 'checked' on the New screen when manually creating a record, but they will automatically set to true after saving the record.

T_09 for admins

How to tell if an Opportunity is part of a Recurring Donation

  1. Add the Recurring Donation field and Form Submission field onto your Opportunity layout
  2. If the Form Submission field has a value, it means the Opportunity was created by a Blackthorn | Donations form.
  3. If the Opportunity has a Recurring Donation value, it means the Opportunity was created by a Recurring Donation.

To fire related Workflow/Process Builder automation, filter on #2 and #3 above to say "This Opportunity was created by Blackthorn | Donations and it's part of a Recurring Donation".

Sending receipts for just the first donation of a Recurring Donation

There is a field on Transaction called First Recurring Donation Transaction (API name donation360First_Transactionc). That field gets sets to True if the Transaction is the first in the series of related Recurring Donations. Use that field in your Workflow/Process Builder filter criteria.