February 2020 - Version 4.155

February 2020 release is here! :dancers:

Once the below updates have been reviewed, please upgrade your payments app from the appexchange:

Click here to upgrade your payments app from the appexchange.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Install the latest version from the link above.

  2. Visit the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab, navigate to Scheduled Jobs and click "Schedule recommended payment jobs" button. You can see our scheduled jobs in Setup - Jobs - Scheduled Jobs. We have updated our schedule jobs based on the transaction type.

  1. We have made updates to our Virtual Terminal. For this reason, you'll need to allowlist your domain to support inline frames in a Visualforce page. This is critical for your Virtual Terminal to work with no issues.
    Go to Setup > Session setting. Under the section Whitelisted Domains for Visualforce Inline Frames - Click Add Domain.

Enter https://domain-instance-name.lightning.force.com. For example - If your domain-instance-name is blackthornio, the new domain will be https://blackthornio.lightning.force.com. Click Save.

  1. For Stripe Billing users ONLY, we have new Invoice record types. Please navigate to the Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab and under the Stripe Billing section, click the "Deploy Stripe Billing" button.
    **If you have any custom permission sets, you'll need to update them with the new record types.

:new: New Features :new:

  1. Check21 - Blackthorn supports Check21 integration by utilizing Check21 technology into the Blackthorn Mobile Payments iOS and Salesforce.com applications. You can take check and money order payments onsite via your mobile phone through check capture. For more information, see here.

  2. For Stripe Billing customers, we have a new Record Type for Stripe Billing Line Items on the Sales Document. Stripe Line Item is for Stripe Billing. To activate, please follow the upgrade instructions for setting these record types. Click here for more info.

  3. Salesforce to Stripe Metadata feature > Blackthorn Payments now supports the ability to configure the Salesforce field/data to be mapped to stripe metadata key/value for Payment Gateway Customer, Payment Method, Transactions, Sales document, and Subscription objects.

  4. List view capture - You can capture multiple transactions at one time using a salesforce List View.

:high-brightness: Enhancement:high-brightness:

  1. While creating a Transaction or a Payment Method, if the user who triggered the flow doesn’t have access to the standard fields (like Lead/Contact) it will not set the lookup value to this field, but save the record successfully. To know more, click here.

  2. Support included for the latest Stripe API Version. You can find the Stripe upgrade notes here.

  3. Auto process/capture job updates - This new upgrade brings 4 separate batch jobs replacing the old Blackthorn | Payments Daily Captures for each type of transaction like authorized captures, payouts, transfers, etc. This enhancement improves the processing time of these jobs making it more robust. To reschedule the new jobs, please follow the upgrade instruction 1.

Scheduled JobsScheduled Jobs

Scheduled Jobs

To know more about these scheduled jobs, click here.

  1. Post-installation, you can find the help doc link in our package details. For this, navigate to Setup -> Installed Packages and click on the package name. There you should see a link populated in the Post Install Instructions field.
Post Install InstructionsPost Install Instructions

Post Install Instructions

  1. Following the Salesforce critical update, we have packaged the Custom Metadata Types and Custom Settings Definitions in all the Payment permission sets as below.
  1. Prior to version 4.152, the payouts did not include the disputed refunds. So now if your payout includes a dispute, these refund transactions originated from disputes will set all lookups to the original payout.
  1. Our Virtual terminal now uses the latest method of Stripe.js for collecting the card details in order to maintain the simplest form of PCI Compliance. To know more about Stripe.js see here.

  2. Support included for the webhook event invoice.payment_failed.

:ant: Bug Fixes :bug::beetle:

  1. When a Payment Method is created in SF the webhooks are processed correctly preventing any duplication.
  2. When the invoice webhook is processed in Salesforce, it looks up the subscription and sets the correct account on the Sales document.
  3. When the transaction is captured via paylink, the Default Payment Method/Source on Contact/Payment Gateway Customer is updated immediately.
  4. The Payment webhooks processed from Authorize.net were erasing the Expiration Month/year and Postal Code on the Payment Method preventing any further updates to it which is now fixed.
  5. When the Payment Method is created from the Payment Gateway Customer record, set the lead lookup correctly.
  6. Users using the Rest API were facing an error: bt_stripe.SObjectSelector.FLSException: You do not have permission to read the field OtherStreet: (bt_stripe). This will be fixed with the upgrade.
  7. Users with Blackthorn | Payments (User) permission set were facing below error on the Virtual terminal.

We have included the missing field access for the Gateway Token and Gateway Refresh Token field on the Payment Gateway and that resolves the error.



Please make sure your custom permission set (if any) cloned from Blackthorn | Payments (User) includes the field access from point 7.

  1. Error fixed > Content Security Policy error on Virtual terminal.

  2. Stripe Billing Fixes:
    a. The Payment Gateway record will successfully set the Country when pushed to Stripe.
    b. When a plan is created with a currency in Salesforce, it will be set correctly in Stripe.

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