February 2021 - Version 3.18
  • 13 Jul 2022
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February 2021 - Version 3.18

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A few items to mention: Please Read

  • Install the upgrade into a sandbox and test before upgrading production.
  • If you are skipping past prior releases the current version, be sure to read prior release notes as sometimes there are upgrades steps that need to be performed. They can be found on the left-hand side, under "Release Notes and Webinar Recordings."
  • Read the below Feature, Enhancement, and Bug sections before upgrading.
Upgrade Notice

Starting with the June 2021 release, we will require all customers to be no more than 3 versions behind the latest version. We'll start reaching out to customers in April that are more than 3 versions behind.

If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.


  • Zoom App Approval!
    Blackthorn is officially approved on the Zoom Marketplace. Zoom can now be properly used as a part of our Integration with Zoom.
  • We've added an EU server!
    Due to privacy differences between countries, we've added a new server in the EU. If we detect that the request is being made from within the EU, the data will be processed by our European Heroku instance. This will be enabled for all attendees by default.


Front End Enhancements

  • You can now hide events that have reached capacity from the Event Group page. Read here to find out more.
  • Waitlisting UI has been improved. It will now be more clear for attendees if Event Items are waitlisted, and will display the remaining available waitlist capacity.

Back End Enhancements

  • Waitlisting now has the option to be automated. Check out our documentation to learn more!

Bug Fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: A bug that caused text to stretch when using the Knockout Junior font.
  • Fixed: When opening an AttendeeLink, the Contact Support button will now work when the Event UI Experience = Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented attendees from joining a video stream linked to a session when using the Webinar/Meeting URL instead of Streaming Service URL.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented users from entering in capitalization or a TLD of more than 3 characters when using the Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: A bug in Data Dictionary that caused certain words to translate into a different language.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented Data Dictionary from translating words from the Indonesian language.
  • Fixed: A bug that cause a 2006 Error when using Data Dictionary to translate words from the Chinese (Taiwan) language.
  • Fixed: The Language Selector from Data Dictionary will now be disabled in the Event Group listing when it is disabled in Event Settings.
  • Fixed: Event groups showing events as Sale Ended instead of Free or Sold Out.
  • Fixed: Forms freezing the page when too many conditional values are entered.
  • Fixed: When 75+ events were added to an event group, a "Load More" message would appear. Now, events will load properly, and more will load as the attendee scrolls through the page.
  • Fixed: Adding many Custom Questions and picklist values would cause the page to freeze when using the Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: If Capacity Threshold Enabled was turned on, the Capacity Threshold Limit would not work properly and would display the total number of tickets available for sale.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: A bug that prevented the Sales End Time field to be used in the Deep Clone Field set.
  • Fixed: Conditional questions will now also be cloned when cloning Forms.
  • Fixed: Timezones will now be updated on the Event record when using the Update Picklists button through the Blackthorn Events Admin tab.
  • Fixed: Dragging/dropping on Form Preview was throwing an error causing the form not to adjust properly.
  • Fixed: The Email Template Builder HTML will now respect rich text values when sending an email.
  • Fixed: A component error will no longer be thrown when a Custom Question answer contains a single quote when using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component.
  • Fixed: There will no longer be an Attempt to de-reference a null object error when registering a Guest ticket type when using the Attendee Registration Lightning Component.
  • Fixed: The Send Email button will now function properly when sending to more than 100 attendees when using the Email Template Builder.

New Fields/Layouts

We recommend manually adding these fields to their respective object page layout.

  • Added a new multi-select field on Event Group labeled Settings.
  • Added a new field on Event Settings labeled Waitlisting: Automate .