February 2020 - Version 2.70

The February 2020 release is here! :dancers:

Overview Section

Once the below updates have been reviewed, please upgrade your payments and events apps from the appexchange:

Click here for the payments upgrade notes.


Payments version 4.155 is required before installing Events version 2.70.

Click here to upgrade your events app from the appexchange.


  1. When upgrading to version 2.70, you receive a prompt about granting access to bt events passthru access. Please grant access. This allows the test event records to be installed into your org. These sample events will be completed in March.

Feature section

  1. Waitlisting (Beta), is finally here! :fireworks: :sparkler:
    You can now enable waitlisting at the Event, Ticket, and Session level. Click here for more information.


  1. Following the Salesforce critical update, we have packaged the Custom Settings Definition in all the Event permission sets as below.

Bug Fixes

  1. Non-event Users converting a Lead were facing exception errors as they didn't have access to Event-related objects (i.e Attendee). This has been fixed in the trigger code.
  2. Recurring event fix: a. When creating a recurring event, the child event will produce in the Event group and Image URL correctly from its parent. The child event will inherit the record type of its parent as well
  3. Event deep clone fixes:

After clicking the clone button a user gets an error or sees a blank page (and nothing happens).

This has been fixed and the user no longer sees a blank page.

When using the deep clone feature, some summary field values are being cloned as well.

The summary field values related to the attendees (Registered, Invited, Canceled, etc) will be nulled out for the cloned event.

Error - System.QueryException: Aggregate query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop


During cloning of the event, the seats are not correctly assigned to the correct tables.


  1. The Sales document will not be duplicated when an event registration record is reprocessed. We have updated our logic to store the Sales document ID in the ERS record once it gets created.

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