June 2020 - Version 2.76

Hi everyone!

The Blackthorn Team has been working hard on releasing some amazing new features, enhancements, and updates! We are also continuing progress on some highly-requested features that should be released later this month. As always, please read through the below upgrade note and then upgrade your sandbox before production.


Too many queue-able jobs error

Currently, few customers are facing an issue with attendees registering, where the registration count does not equal the attendee count. This is due to the apex code to update the registration failing and it will not re-queue. Events will still not allow for more than their allowed amount, even with this error. In the meantime, if you notice this please go to Custom Settings and check the Disable_Notify_Platform__c setting to resolve the issue.


June 2020 Events Webinar

Our June 2020 Events webinar was hosted on June 11th. If you missed it, you can check out our recording here!

Important Announcements


Enhancements for Custom Questions

A few of our customers are excitedly waiting for the ability to create custom questions without having to create custom fields, file uploads, conditional questions, and large data type question support (ie., CEEB codes). We are still currently testing and documenting these features. The ETA for this release is on June 18th. We will provide an update when it's ready to test. Thank you!


Event Setting Labels

We will be supporting labels on the Event Settings object until September 2020. Please use the data dictionary for overriding labels on the event. More information can found here.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Review and upgrade your Payments App (even if you have free events).
    **You have to upgrade payments before you can upgrade to the latest events version.

  2. Then upgrade your Events App here.


If you didn't upgrade during our April 2020 release...

We added two new event batch jobs. Visit the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab, navigate to Scheduled Jobs, and click the "Schedule Recommended Event Jobs" button.

Front end testing

Available until 6/17/2020

Important, Please Read.
By upgrading your events app within Salesforce you have access to most of the enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. There is another part of the upgrade process and it is the enhancements, new features, and bug fixes we make to the event pages on the front end. IE., event page URL, event group URL, and the attendeelink URL.

In the image below, the screen on the left-hand side is what we call the back-end (Salesforce) and on the right-hand, we call the front end (events platform).


From now until 6/17/2020, the below directions will teach you how to test the new features and enhancements from the front end until they are automatically pushed to production. The features and enhancements will have a BETA label next to them in the below documentation.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page, Event Group, or AttendeeLink URLs 'events.blackthorn.io' domain to a test domain.

TESTING BETA DOMAIN: http://preview.events.blackthorn.io/

For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "events.blackthorn.io" domain like this one:


You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "events.blackthorn.io" and replace it with "preview.events.blackthorn.io" so it looks like this:


If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

:confetti-ball: New Features! :confetti-ball:

  1. Simple UI BETA
    We now support a single page checkout when attendees register for free events! Gone are the multiple steps for a simple event! :confetti-ball: For more information on this, click here.
  1. Attendee Registration Component BETA
    We have added a new custom lightning component to register attendees within Salesforce! Now you can register someone from their contact, lead, or account record + more! Click here for more information.

  2. Community User Checkout
    When an attendee logs into your community, they will now be able to select an event and click "Add Myself" which will prefill their information and expedite the checkout process. You can read more about how to set this up here

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  1. We have added two new confirmation emails to our template list! These include a new virtual event confirmation email and one for if a customer misses the event. More information can be found here.

  2. We have added a fallback solution for Zoom and other integrated webinars where we can detect a connection failure, and offer a direct link to join the webinar/meeting.

  3. Recurring Events BETA
    A multi-select picklist called Clone Related Child Records has been added to Recurring Events! This allows recurring events to copy over Event Items, Sessions, FAQs, etc. More information about recurring events can be found here.

  1. Previously, child recurring events had the same name as the master event. This has been modified to allow for a new event name, and this new event name will be set on all of the child events.

  2. With recurring events, there is now a log logic to catch errors and record them. If you encounter an error, head over to Blackthorn Logs to check it out!

  3. Added a disable all trigger
    This was added to the install handler for any versions of Events that are greater than 2.65. If you have an Event Setting record with an invalid state, you can now disable all triggers using this button that would prevent you from upgrading, and continue to upgrade your package.

  4. Watch time BETA
    With this enhancement, you can view how long a video is watched. The field is labeled Minutes Watched of Video and can be found on the Attendee records. Great for tracking data! More information on this can be found in our Online Events documentation.

  5. When cloning an event, you can now properly clone custom fields. Very helpful if you use any custom data on an Event record. You can read more about cloning here.

  6. When cloning an event, you can now properly clone the Status field. You can read more about cloning here.

  7. Added triggers for Sales Document to populate fields if the currency is set to None. This will pull the currency from the event if there is no currency defined on the Invoice record type. Previously the currency on the Invoice was getting set to USD even if you defined a different currency on the Event record. We suggest keeping the Sales Currency defaulted to the currency you have (if there is only 1) OR have no default. then the event currency will get pulled into the invoice currency.

  8. Venue address presentation has been improved. Venues will now display in this format:

  • Venue Name, City, State, Country
  1. We've added three new fonts to our font list. These will need to be added manually under Object Manager > Event Settings > Font and add the following values under the values list. Then you can pick the new fonts in event settings!

    • 'Knockout Junior'
    • 'Knockout Liteweight'
    • 'Neue Haas Unica Pro'
  2. The "Add to Calendar" button on the overview page of an event will be removed unless the Hide Register Button is set to yes.

  3. Control the primary color of your event group! There is a new field called, Primary Color that lets you define the primary color for your event group page. Click here for more information.

  4. Added a script to improve events that are embedded into websites. More can be read about this here.

  5. The Event Settings category tab Visibility and Labels has now been divided into two columns for ease of use.

  6. Updated the default fields on a new Event Item to reflect the following:

  1. Have the ability to disable checking out as "Someone Else" on the checkout page through the Disable Checkout As Someone Else field on the Event Setting record. You can read more about this enhancement on the Event Settings page.

  2. We've reorganized the Data Dictionary / Translations language selector to be in alphabetical order. It will be easier to find the language you're looking for!

  3. When an attendee registers without an email, attendees will now have a contact/lead/account match if the duplicate rule matches with no email. Previously, if there was an attendee with no email they would be excluded from the duplicate rules. This is the case unless the ticket type is Guest. Guest ticket types will still be excluded from the duplicate rules and no contact/lead/account will be created or related.

  4. Sponsor's with accounts defined will now pull the Bio account field to the sponsor Description field. Simple and easy way to add information for sponsors to your event!

  5. Added verification for phone numbers, attendees will now only be able to enter valid phone numbers when checking out!

  1. Cloning free events no longer requires a Blackthorn | Payments license!

Bug fixes

  1. Creating a recurring event where the start date is on the first or last day of the month will create events with the correct dates.

  2. Events that are embedded into web pages (iframed) will no longer have the ability to use the Language Selector option in the top-right hand corner of the event checkout. Embedded events will now rely on the host web page to pull the language from.

  3. Waitlisted Attendees Beta
    When waitlisted attendees had their registration status updated to "Pending," their AttendeeLink was showing them as already registered. This has been fixed and can be tested with the preview domain.

  4. The "Deploy Test Data" button on the events admin tab will correctly, deploy test records into your org.

  5. Speaker Images - previously, speaker images were not displaying on the front end. This has been updated and is working again!

  6. When clicking the "Add to Calendar" button for iCal and Outlook online, the location link for virtual events now works!

  7. Phone numbers are now prefilling for attendees that receive a personalized link to register for an event.

  8. Users who do not have access to Salesforce Products or Price Books are now able to clone successfully. Previously, if users didn't have access, they received a field permission error (the lookup fields to these two objects). There is no dependency on the lookup fields in our code.

  9. When there were a large number of attendees that were invited and registered for an event, there would be a "lock row error" occasionally that would fail an Event Registration Submission record. This has now been fixed by adding the ERS records that fail into a queue to be processed. This will prevent the lock row error from happening.

New Fields/Layouts



Please add the below fields on the respective object page layouts. If you have custom permission sets, make sure the fields are granted access where necessary.

  1. UI Experience - This is a picklist field on Event that allows you to switch between Simple and Tabbed UI experience. Tabbed is the default experience you know and love, Simple is a slimmed-down one-page checkout.

  2. Minutes Watched of Video - Number field on the Attendee and Session Attendee records to store the amount of time a video or webinar has been watched.

  3. We have updated our "Out of the box" layout for new installs. This applies to the Attendee, Event, Event Registration Submission, and Event Settings pages.

  4. Added Primary Color field to Event Group.

  5. Added Disable Checkout As Someone Else on the Event Setting Record.

  6. Added a multi-select picklist called Clone Related Child Records to Recurring Events

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