July 2020 - Version 2.79

Hi everyone!

The Blackthorn Team has been working hard (aren't we always?!) on releasing some amazing new features, enhancements, and updates! We are excited to release the new custom questions process that now includes: conditional questions, file uploads, surveys, and large data type questions! :balloon: :balloon:
As always, please read through the below notes and then upgrade your sandbox before production.

Breaking Change


Current Matching Logic Disabled

When you upgrade to the latest version, the current matching logic will be disabled. Please read below to understand why and how to configure the new matching logic. We advise removing the. Account Handling, Registration Entity Type, Bucket Account For Individuals and Entity Record Type from your layout to avoid confusion.

We have moved our matching logic to a different object. Before version 2.79, matching was based on the event settings fields. Here is an example of what you set for creating a new contact from the event registration if no match was found.


This process needed your duplicate rules for contacts to be active with the "Alert on Create" field checked. This process was limited for many reasons.

Now, there is an entire object dedicated to the matching logic. This new object lives in the payments application, so only users with access to payments can see it. Please have your system administrator make these updates if you do not have access.

Please follow the instructions below for upgrading to the latest Payments and Events packages.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Review and upgrade your Payments App (even if you have free events) here. This is required. If you don't upgrade Payments, the current matching logic will not work.

  2. Upgrade your Events App here.

  3. Update your event setting page layout with the new field, "Relationship Setting". This is the new reference for your registration matching logic.

  1. Please follow these instructions for configuring your relationship settings.
  1. We have added new picklist values! Please navigate to Blackthorn | Events Admin > Metadata Updates and use the “Update Picklists” button to update the values.


From now until July 31th at 8 AM CST, the below directions will teach you how to test the new features and enhancements until they are automatically pushed. These features and enhancements are labeled, BETA.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page URL, AttendeeLink URL, and Event Group URL domains from 'events.blackthorn.io' domain to the test domain.

Test Domain URL: http://preview.events.blackthorn.io/

  1. For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "events.blackthorn.io" domain like this one:

  2. You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "events.blackthorn.io" and replace it with "preview.events.blackthorn.io" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, reach out to us through our support form. Happy testing!

Blackthorn Rebrand


As a part of our rebrand, we have updated our logos. These will need to be manually updated. To do so, please follow the documentation here.
Curious to why we rebranded? Check out this article!

Feature section

  1. Custom Questions 2.0 - BETA
    We have added multiple new features to custom questions such as dynamic questions, file uploads, and large data type questions. Head over to Custom Questions 2.0 (BETA) to learn more!

  2. Donations on Checkout - BETA
    Registrants can now choose from multiple donations amounts and submit a donation during event registration. Check here for more information!

  3. Waitlisting - BETA
    Waitlisting is now enabled all organizations! You can read more about the waitlisting feature here.

  4. GoToWebinar - BETA
    We now support GoToWebinar as a part of our Online Events funtionality. Check out our GoToWebinar documentation for more information on how to set up and use the service!


  1. For customers with events embedded on their website, we’ve drastically improved load times for large event lists. Gone are the days of waiting 5-10 seconds for your event list to load!

  2. We have tweaked the AttendeeLink to now have the “Not You?” button display as “Not {First Name}?” merge field. Check out this for more information!

  3. We have added the Attendee "Invited" Status field to Event Settings. Previously, this field was only on Campaigns. This status field will update when an attendee is invited to the event from a campaign. Read more about campaigns here!

  4. When creating an Attendee with a related Person Account, the attendee information will now be pulled from the Person Account filled in on the Attendee!

  5. When attendees are using Zoom for virutal events, they will now see the following prompts when clicking on the link to join the meetin:

    • Expired Webinar Event - The video stream has ended, no join button.
    • Upcoming Webinar Event - The video stream will start on... {date}, with a join button.
    • Ongoing Webinar Event - The event is available as a video stream, with a join button.
    • More documentation for Online Events can be found here.
  6. When attendees view an Event Group URL, they can now see which events are free, sold out, or the price if it is a paid event!

  7. We have added a Sort Order to Event Items. Now, you can rearrange the order of your Event Items by defining the sort order. Check out our event configuration docs for more information.

  8. Added support for Ash (Simple) UI to have the ability to use Data Dictionary .

  9. Added a manipulation guard to our URLs, now if an attendee attempts to manually manipulate the URL, they will be redirected to the Event Overview page.

    • Example: An attendee attempting to get to the "Speakers" page, while it is hidden on the Event.
  10. We have modified the “Date Picker“ when using custom questions. When an attendee is completing their event registration, they can open a calendar widget to pick a date for the question.

  1. We have added a “character remaining” identifier for custom questions. Now attendees can view how many characters they have left remaining to answer a question.
  1. Sessions with no specific date will now have their own category after checkout. This category is labeled “Unspecified Dates” and will be displayed at the top of the list of other events.

  2. We have added Preview and Publish buttons to the Event record. Once you finish configuring an event, you can use the Preview button to see an example of what the event will look like, then the Publish button to refresh your event on the front-end with any changes you've made to your event. This will avoid caching / hard refresh issues.

    • Note: These buttons are added in, but are currently non-functional. They will be functional with our August 2020 update.
  3. On Event Groups, we now have a label for past events. This will take over the amount text (e.g. $10.00) for paid events and replace it with "Sale Ended" letting attendees know the event is closed.

  4. On Event Groups, we now have a label for waitlisted events. This will take over Price/Free text the displayed on the bottom right of the event and replace it with "Waitlisted" letting attendees know they can still register for the event, even if it is sold out.

  5. We have added a "max-height" and "max-width" to iframed events. Check out Iframes to learn more about embedding events.

  6. Shortcut Key Update: When registering an attendee using the Attendee Registration Component, you can now use the enter key as well as using the Search button.

  7. When registering for an event with less than 10 tickets remaining, we have changed the "Limited Quantity" text to display "10 Left." As more attendees check out, this number will decrease until the event is sold out. Once the event is sold out, the “Sold Out” banner will appear.

  8. We have added another email template to our Online Event Email Templates! Click here to see the new template!

Bug fixes

  1. When using the Mobile Check-In app, previously there was no fall-back for events that had a Badge Printing Configuration set up in Event Settings. Now, when a user registers an attendee for an event, the default fallback is to display their first name, last name, company, title, and the QR code on the badge. You can read more about badge printing here.

  2. Squashed a bug for our Mobile Check-in app. Previously, canceled events were being displayed in the event list. Now only active events will be displayed on the app.

  3. Fixed a bug where there was a blank white-bar on the top of mobile events pages.

  4. When switching the language of your browser, AttendeeLink will not auto-refresh to avoid errors. Previously this would flag an "Unable to resolve the event” error.

  5. Previously when attendees were registered for the event, this error would flag in Blackthorn Logs: "Attendee_RollupEvent: Too many queueable jobs added to the queue: 2." This affected the registration count to not equal the attendee count. This was caused by one job queueing another job, and has been resolved.

  6. The Event status was overriding the Event Item status if the Event Item was sold out. This was causing an error where an event would show "Sold Out, Waitlist Open" but attendees were unable to be added to the waitlist.

  7. Event names can now have periods and semi-colons within their name. Previously this was throwing an "Invalid ID" error when attempting to load the Event Page URL.

  8. The Organizer (Contact) on the Event record was previously not displaying on events, only Organizer (Account) was. Now, Organizer (Contact) will display, as well as take priority over Organizer (Account).

  9. Speaker and Sponsor images were not displaying on events. This was caused due to an API error and has been resolved.

  10. Previously, when attendee’s added an event to their Outlook calendar, the description was omitting random characters. Adding an event to a calendar should now work properly for all calendar types.

  11. Fixed an insert error with Person Accounts not matching existing Person Accounts upon checkout.

  12. When there were a large number of attendees that were invited and registered for an event, there would be a "lock row error" occasionally that would fail an Event Registration Submission record. This has been fixed by adding the Event Registration Submission records that fail into a queue to be processed. This will prevent the lock row error from happening.

  13. When using the Attendee Registration Component and searching contacts, clicking outside of the contact box will now close the "Search contacts..." window.

New Fields/Layouts

  1. Added Donation Amounts field to the Event Item object.

  2. Added Donation ticket type for Type picklist on Event Item object.

  3. Relabeled the Refresh Platform Cache to be Publish on the Event object.

  4. Added a Preview button on the Event object.

  5. Enable Forms V2 checkbox field on the Event Setting object. Defaulted to false.

  6. Added a Key field to the Event Group object.

  7. Added a Related Key field to ContentVersion object to support file uploads.

  8. Added Answer Mapped date-time field on Form Submission Answer object.

  9. Mapping Error text(255) This is a field on the Form Submission Answer object.

  10. Attendee Ratings is a Roll-Up Summary field on the Session object.

  11. Session Rating is a formula field on Session that takes the average of all ratings.

  12. Rating is a new number field on Session Attendee object.

  13. Added a Push to Stripe checkbox field on Coupon object.

  14. Deleted the Description field on Sponsor. This field is replaced by Bio.

  15. Updated Event Group page layout to put the Related tab as a Related List. Page is now split to Details and Related.

  16. Added a Checkbox field labeled Push to Stripe to the Coupon object.

  17. Relabeled Blacklist to Countries to Exclude on Event Settings

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