Contact Us

Allow your attendees to contact you with any questions about your event!


The "Contact Us" feature allows event organizers to easily receive questions and comments from your attendees. There are only two fields you need to define to start receiving responses. :clock1: :clock1:


  1. Add the Contact Us Email field to your Event page layout and enter the email that should receive all the responses.
  1. The "Contact Us" tab needs to be visible (option is set to "Always") on your Event Settings record.

Now you are ready to accept questions and comments. :checkered-flag: :checkered-flag:

Responses will show up in your email and look like this:


Responding back to your attendees

Clicking the reply all button will send your message back to Blackthorn Support. In order to respond to your attendee, you'll need to click on the email within the message. This will pop open a new message where you can reply back.

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