Grouped sessions

Add tracks to divide sessions into categories and enable attendees to filter out the agenda based on individual tracks.

For example, if you create a "Salesforce Developer" track, attendees can click on that specific track and register for related sessions.

Create a Track

  • Navigate to your event record and click "New" next to Tracks (related list)
  • Create all Tracks for this event

Relate Tracks to Sessions

  • Create a Track Session record (related list) on all applicable Sessions

Pre-assign Attendees to Tracks

Pre-assigning tracks to attendees limit the sessions that they can see and register for.

For example, if the developer should only see and register for "Developer" sessions, add them to the "Developer" Track as a Track Attendee.

Create a Track Attendee Record

  • Create a Track Attendee record (related list) from the Attendee's record

Once assigned, the Attendee can only see and register for Sessions related to this Track.

Use Cases

Invite Only, Including a Private Dinner

If you have a private dinner that only certain attendees can register for, create a track that includes all public sessions plus the private dinner session. Check the private dinner session's "Hide On Event Page" field. This hides the session from the general public but allows the invited Attendees registration access.

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