• 13 Jul 2022
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Out of the box, you can create a free or paid ticket, provide a description, define the sale start and end date, and track the sold quantity and net revenue. In addition to the items just described, we also provide the following features.

  • Min & Max "Ticket" (Event Item) Quantity Per Order
  • Customize Attendee Form

Attendee Form

There are several fields on the Attendee Form where you can hide, make required, or show as optional for each ticket.

For example, if you have a "Child Under 3 Yrs" ticket for sale, odds are that child does not have an email address. You can hide the Email field from this ticket's Attendee Form. If they do, well... then you are an exception to this example.

Update Picklist Values

Depending on your use case, set each field's picklist value to either "Required", "Optional", or "Hidden".
update picklist values

View the Live Attendee Form

View Live Attendee Form

Order Min & Max Quantity

Set the minimum and the maximum number of Tickets (Event Items) allowed per order by updating the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields on the Event Item record.

The Maximum Quantity cannot be larger than "10" per the Salesforce Validation Rule.

Define the Min and Max Quantity on the Event Item

  1. Edit the Event Item page layout and add the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields to the page layout.

  2. Name the new Section. We recommend "Restrict Quantity Per Order".

  3. Go to the Event Item record and update the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields.
    Step 1

Save and View Changes

  1. Navigate back to your Event record.
  2. Click on the Event URL link.
    Step 2

The following video shows that the Ticket (Event Item) Ticket has a Minimum Quantity = "2" and Maximum Quantity = "10".

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