Recognize your event sponsors by displaying them on your event for everyone to see!


Event Sponsor Visibility

To show the Sponsor on the event, navigate to the event setting record and update the Sponsors field to "Always". Ensure that the Hide On Event Page field is unchecked on the sponsor record.

Create a Sponsor

  1. Navigate to your event's related list and click "New" next to sponsors.
  1. Define the display name, tier, image url, bio, and set the status to "Confirmed."
  • For testing purposes, we are setting as the status to confirmed. You can use this status field to keep track of all the sponsors for your event!
  1. Click save and see your new sponsor record!


Defining the Tier will automatically sort your sponsors in priority.

Define a related Account

If your sponsor is an existing account, we have included a lookup field to the account object that will pull in their image, bio, and account name into the sponsor record.

  • Add the Image URL field to your account page layout and define an image and description.

  • Add the Account field to your sponsor page layout.

  • When creating a new sponsor, set the Account field instead of the Display Name, Image, and Bio fields then click save. All the information is then pulled from the related account record.

  • After saving, it should look similar to this.

Hide sponsor from the Event page

If your sponsor shouldn't be publically shown on the event, you can check this field and it will be for internal eyes only. :eyes::eyes:

  • Add the Hide on Event Page field to your sponsor page layout.

  • When checked, the sponsor will not show up under the sponsor tab.

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