When planning an event, one of the critical elements to its overall success is having the right speakers. Here, you can display who will be speaking at your events, as well as give a brief overview of who they are.


Event Speaker Visibility

To show the Speakers on the event, navigate to the event setting record and update the Speakers field to "Always". Ensure that the Hide On Event Page field is unchecked on the speaker record.

Creating a Speaker

  1. From your event record, navigate to the related Speaker list and click "New"
  1. Add in the Speaker's contact information, bio, image (optional), and set the status to confirmed when you are ready to show it on your EventLink
  1. View your newly created Speaker! :microphone:

Creating a Session Speaker

  1. Navigate to the Speaker's related list and click new "Session Speaker"

  2. Define the related session and click "Save"

  3. Your session speaker is ready to be viewed on your event! :star2::star2:

Define a related Contact

If your speaker is an existing contact, we have included a lookup field to the contact object that will pull in their first name, last name, and email into the speaker record.

  • Add the Contact field to your Speaker page layout

  • When creating a new speaker set the Contact field instead of the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields then click save. All the contact information was pulled from the related contact record.

Hide Speaker from the Event page

If your speaker shouldn't be publicly shown on the event, you can check this field and it will be for internal eyes only. :eyes::eyes:

  • Add the Hide on Event Page field to your Speaker page layout

  • When checked, the speaker will not show up under the Speaker tab. If the speaker is related to a Session, it will not show up under the Session details.

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