Event Settings

The Event Settings object stores all the information about how your event should look on the front-end and how it should process on the backend. The Event Setting record determines the look and feel for all related events instead of having to define these fields on every event that you create.

When you install the app, we deploy a default Event Setting record. We suggest that you initially use the default record and once you create your first event, go back to the Event Setting to fix the look and feel.


  1. Create different Event Settings based on your event types.
  2. Define these settings once and each related event inherits the settings.

Navigating and Understanding

  1. Click on the App Launcher icon.
  2. Type in and select the Events (Admin) app.
  3. Click on the Event Settings tab.


Event Settings List View

We suggest changing the view from "Recently Viewed" to "View All" and then pin down that view.


Suggestions and Examples

There are 3 important features tied in with the Event Setting record:

  1. Relationship Settings
  2. Data Dictionary
  3. Event to Campaign Sync

Based on these features and the look and feel, you should group your events by how they look and need to function with the above features.

Data Dictionary Example:
If you want to support a membership page and a weekly meeting for your members. We would suggest a different Event Setting for these two because the Membership page will need to have different labels (handled through the data dictionary).

Relationship Setting Example:
If you have an event where you want to generate new leads/contacts from people that aren't in your system compared to an event where no new leads/contacts are generated, you'll need two different Event Setting records as you'll need two different Relationship Settings.

Event to Campaign Sync:
If you want to support a membership page and a weekly meeting for your members and you want the campaign member status for your membership registrants to be "New Member" compared to your weekly meetings where their campaign member status should be "Responded," you'll need two different Event Setting records.

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