• 13 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

We built and packaged many useful Salesforce reports for Events. Our Events reports are located in the Blackthorn | Events Reports folder on the Reports tab.

Types of Reports

  • Attendee Summary - Per Event: Shows Attendees for an Event
  • Attendees With and Without Seats Report: Shows Attendees with and without a Seat Assignment for an Event
  • Financials - Per Event Report: Shows Financials for an Event
  • Budget & Expense - Per Event Report: Shows the Budget and Expenses for an Event
  • Expense Entries - Per Event: Shows Expense Entries for an Event
  • Events in the Next 7 Days: Shows Events coming up in the next week
  • Attendance Summary - All Events: Shows who did and didn't attend the Events

reports 1

We also have some buttons on the Event record that take you to a report and filter based on that one Event. For example, if you click on the Financials Report button on an Event record, the report only shows the Financials for that one Event.

reports 2

Event Invoice Report

If you would like a quick report on your Event's paid and unpaid Invoices, add the Event Invoice Report button to your Event page layout.

event invoice report