Event Registration Submission Process
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Event Registration Submission Process

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What is the Event Registration Submission (ERS) (ERS) object and why is it important?


  • Never lose registration data or payments
  • Provide a better experience for your Attendees
  • Easily troubleshoot issues
  1. Click on the App Launcher icon.
  2. Type "Events (Admin)" and select the Events (Admin) app.
  3. Click the Event Registration Submission (ERS) tab.

This is where you'll find all the registration records from every Event. You probably aren't seeing any at this moment, but register for one of the sample Events and then come back.

Here is an example of an Event Registration Submission (ERS) record:

ers process 1

All of the Attendee data is saved here. Their name, email, the ticket they selected, etc..

Why is this object important?
It's important because if an Event Registration Submission (ERS) fails, you'll want to know why and fix it so the Attendee gets a confirmation email.

Here is an example of a failed Event Registration Submission (ERS) record:

ers process 2

Batch Processing

To prevent issues with Event Registration Submission (ERS) processing during times of high concurrent registrations, automatically scheduled ERS batch processing via the Blackthorn | Events Admin page will occur.

A protected custom setting with a default value at "Off" was added and can only be changed from the Blackthorn | Events Admin page. The public custom setting has been deprecated.

Turn Custom Setting On

  1. Return to Blackthorn | Events Admin page.
  2. Click Scheduled Jobs and view the available jobs, including "Process Event Registration in Batches".

ers process 3

Fixing a Failed ERS Record

  1. Identify and fix the issue defined in the Error Message field.
  2. Check the Process field.
  3. Click Save.

This will reprocess the Event Registration Submission (ERS) record and create the Attendee record.

ers process 4

Email Alert for Failed Registrations

Want to be notified when an Event Registration Submission (ERS) record fails? You have come to the right place.

By default, we have enabled this workflow to send the user who authorized the Events app an email when an ERS record fails.

If you want to change who receives the notification:

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find, search for and select "Workflow Rules."
  3. Select the "Blackthorn | Events ERS Failed" workflow.
  4. Click Email Alert.
  5. Click the Edit button.
  6. Update the recipients or enter an additional email.

Order of Execution

When an Attendee checks out for an Event, many records are created and updated automatically. The flow below provides insight into the execution order so you know when to interact with the Attendee object for your custom processes and flows.

Attendee Data

  1. An Attendee record is created.
    • The Attendee record relates to the Contact, Lead, or Person Account and the Event.
    • Registration Status is set to "Registered".
  2. Answers to custom questions are processed through the Blackthorn Events Form Submission object and related to the Attendee.
  3. Invoice & Line Item are created.
  4. The Contact, Lead, Person Account, Status field, Subject Line field, and additional fields are set on the Invoice.

Paid Events

  1. The card information is sent immediately to the Payment Gateway. A token is received (PCI compliant).
  2. The completed Transaction and Payment Method are saved in Salesforce. Initially, they are orphan records because the Event Registration Submission (ERS) hasn't processed to connect the payment with the registration Invoice.
  3. Once the ERS is processed, the Transaction is updated with the related Invoice.

ERS Record Statuses

  • Draft: This is used when the Attendee has not completed checkout.
    Draft records are created in two scenarios: running a validation and entering a discount code. The draft can then be updated for submission if the user completes the checkout process.
  • To Process: This is used when checkout is complete and the record is submitted for processing.
  • Failed: This is used when there is an issue submitting the ERS record.
  • Completed: This is used when the ERS record is processed successfully.