QR Code Check-In

Checking in attendees is quick and easy with our mobile app.

When attendees have registered for your event, they can use their AttendeeLink for event check-in with a unique QR Code. :clap: :clap:

A unique QR Code is shown when their Registration Status = Registered.

We provide a confirmation email which can be sent to each attendee when their registration status = registered. Out of the box, the QR code is not included but can be added following this documentation.

Below are the instructions for cloning the confirmation email and including the AttendeeLink so that you can check your attendee's in with a QR code through the Blackthorn | Mobile Check-In App.

Confirmation Email With QR Code

  1. Navigate to setup
  2. In the quick find/search type in and select Classic Email Templates
  3. Click on the confirmation email and select clone
  1. Rename the new email template to "Event Confirmation Email with QR Code"
  1. Edit the HTML version and update the following:

    • Update the subject line to:
Confirmation and Check-In for {!conference360__Attendee__c.conference360__Event_Name__c}
  1. Next, update the description with:

    • Paste this inbetween "Thanks for registering" and "Event Details"
<p><b>Please use this <a href="{!conference360__Attendee__c.conference360__AttendeeLink__c}">code</a> to check in during the event.</b></p><br>

Update Confirmation Email Workflow

If you want the confirmation email with QR code to be sent when any attendee registers for any event, update the "Send Blackthorn | Event confirmation email"

  1. Navigate to setup and type in then select "Workflow Rules"

  2. Click on the "Send Blackthorn | Event confirmation email" workflow rule

  3. Click edit next to the workflow action

  1. Edit the action and change the email template to the "Event Confirmation Email with QR Code" then click save

Removing the QR code

  1. Navigate to Event Settings

  2. Open the Event Settings that relates to the event(s) you want to hide the QR code from

  3. Set Hide QR from AttendeeLink = Yes

  4. Done! Your QR code will now be hidden from the AttendeeLink

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