• 13 Sep 2022
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Article Summary

The “Products” section will be updated automatically when the Events app is installed and/or upgraded.

Out of the box, you can create a Product, provide a description, define the sales start and end dates, and track the quantity sold. In addition to the items just described, we also provide the features covered below.

Event Page Layout

The section “Products” was added to the Event page layout. The Products section will include the following fields: Item Name, Attendee, Attendee Full Name, Event, and Unit Price.

Products Section on Event Object

ev1807 pic 5_2

Attendee Record

There are multiple fields on the Attendee record that determine what is included on the Attendee Form during checkout. This is where you can hide fields, make them required, or show them as optional.

The “Line Item” Related List should be visible on the Attendee record.

Update Picklist Values

Depending on your use case, set each field's picklist value to either required, optional, or hidden.

Event Item Settings

View the Live Attendee Form

View Live Attendee Form(1)

Order Min & Max Quantity

Set the minimum and the maximum number of Products (Event Items) allowed per order by updating the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields on the Event Item record.

The Maximum Quantity cannot be larger than "10" per the Salesforce Validation Rule.

Define the Min and Max Quantity on the Event Item

  1. Edit the Event Item page layout and add the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields to the page layout.
  2. Go to the Event Item record and update the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields.


Save and View Changes

  1. Navigate back to your Event record.
  2. Click on the Event Page URL link.

Step 2(1)

New Fields

As the Products feature grows, new fields and functionality will be added. This section will provide information about each one as it is added.

Event Item Type

  • Location: Line Item object
  • Purpose: a text formula field that shows the type of Event Item

Line Item_Products

Purchased Products

  • Location: Attendee object
  • Purpose: a checkbox field that shows whether an Attendee purchased a Product

The new Purchased Products field on the Attendee object needs to be added manually as it is not added by default to the page layout.

Attendee_Purchased Products


Event Item Record

  • The Event Item Type for a Product is "Other".
  • If a Product is added on the Event Item, it will be carried to the Line Item on the Invoice.

Line Item Record

  • The Event lookup field has been added to the Line Item record to show which Event the Product is related to.

Checkout Process

  • A Product’s information is added to a selected Attendee when the Product is added to the cart.
  • If a Product’s information has not been added to an Attendee, the Product’s information will be added to the first Attendee.

Custom Forms are NOT supported for Products.