Event Keywords

Use specific keywords or phrases to help improve the searchability of your event!

Use case: If you are hosting an outdoor cooking event, your keywords or phrases might include: BBQ, barbeque, outdoor event, grilling, cookout, etc. Adding these as keywords will increase searchability for people looking to attend your event!


Follow along to set up your first keywords!

  1. Navigate to an Event record.
  2. Click the Manage Keywords button.
  1. Type in a keyword, and click Create New Keyword...
  1. Create as many keywords as you'd like for an event, when completed, click Save.

  2. Once you have several events with keywords, navigate to the Event Group that your events are a part of.

  3. Change the UI Experience value to Aspen or List

  1. Click on the Event Group URL to load your group page.

  2. Check it out and play around!

The left hand column is an example of all keywords assosciated with the events in the event group. In this example, Type, Industry, and City are all categories. Everything under the dotted line is a keyword without the Keyword Category field defined.

Aspen UI Example:

List UI Example:

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